Common People Eatery and Bar Kemang

I paid a visit to this restaurant because a lot of my readers are recommending to me and so last week, after a food tasting session at Lotte Shopping Avenue (which I'm going to talk about later in another blog post), I went here. Technically, it was a small and rather quick reunion with my friend.

This restaurant is located at Kemang which is like super far from my crib and that's why I always manage to find a way to go here because the hippest hangout places are here! And it's not fair that it has to be that far away, but I was literally happy to I arrived here and got to find out that the place is kinda nice :).

Along with all the recommendations in any form, 80% told me to try their famous "Eggs Benedict", so I definitely did have that on my visit (and also because I told you because I just came straight from a food tasting session, I'm freakin full). You know it's awesome when curiosity and passionate blends with cravings and in the same time relieving when you're there. I had mine with pork sausage and they also have another options like beef and chicken sausage.

Eggs Benedict with Pork Sausage
IDR 55k (before tax - 21%)
TADAAAA it's the Eggs Benedict everyone has been talking about.
Interesting presentation, creamy hollandaise sauce and I couldn't wait any longer to get dirty.

After a little trial of its Hollandaise Sauce, I kinda like the fact that it's not cheesy! From the color I kinda presumed that it'd be cheesy and I'm friggin dead, but luckily it wasn't, but I kinda wish the sauce will be creamier and thicker in taste though. Meanwhile the sausage is nicely cooked and the english muffin is also decent.

I also wished the egg would be less well-cooked, it'd be perfect if you have the very soft-boiled one with the egg yolk pouring like a lava, the consistency of the egg itself it creamy and not greasy so I think it's still pretty much okay. Overall, still would recommend you guys having this.

Common Punch
IDR 35k
Feels like having something fresh and a little sour for the day and I went by having their signature drink. It's just the beverage I wished I would have had that noon.

One Scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream for a sweet dessert
IDR 15k

One scoop of premium strawberry ice cream, technically more like a sorbet, but whatever that is, it's so good! Loving a little play of texture from the caramel and almond piece. Heartfell!

It was a lovely small reunion with nice food along with the friendship that needs to hold on :). Thanks for the coziness you offer, Common People.

Till the next post!

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Plaza Bisnis Kemang, GF
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 718 1843