Afternoon Tea Time at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique Plaza Senayan

I am always on when it comes to the hunting for the best afternoon tea places in Jakarta!

Another brand that doesn't need anymore introduction but deserve the publication! It's TWG everybody!!! If you are a true tea lover, you gotta know this brand. This premium tea brand from Singapore is expanding its existence and presence in the game at the "field" by releasing its first TWG Indonesia Tea Salon in Plaza Senayan a few months ago. Originally, there was once an outlet at Grand Indonesia (near Ranch Market) but for whatever reasons the outlet is now rebuilt in Plaza Senayan and thank Gosh that it's now larger, along with the more complete series of tea to choose and fancier dining experience.

I remembered when I had this afternoon tea session, it was raining and nothing beats the vibrance of yourself in the middle of the mild rain accompanied by hot beverages.

If someone asked me what is my all-time favorite tea from TWG then it won't take even 2 seconds for me to answer "Grand Wedding". Grand Wedding is one variant from the TWG black tea series and for my liking, the flavor, the aroma and the calmness effect are just great! TWG has its afternoon tea set with the selection of your favorites tea and cakes/cookies. I took the set for IDR 65k++.

TWG Grand Wedding Tea
IDR 42k/pot -> Ala carte price.

Originally, you can choose between two scones or a cake, I chose the set with one cake, the macarons are additionals for IDR 15k/each. TWG black macaron is one of the best macarons I've had in life so far. I meant it.

Just look at the chewy yet crunchy texture of the macaron! I hope you're all hungry.

Annabelle Berry Pistachio Cake
IDR 45k -> Ala carte price.
This is cake so delicious! The creamy texture mixed with the contrast from the pistachio nuts and the sourness of the berry is totally the pleasure in the mouth.

Overall, I was satisfied with what TWG offered:
Nice ambience: tick!
Nice food and beverages: tick!
Personal experience: tick!

Tick tick tick and there goes the satisfied blogger!

Sure I'll go back here again, at least for the splendid teas! This tea salon certainly worth your visit!

TWG Tea Salon Plaza Senayan || FACEBOOK | TWITTER
Plaza Senayan, 1st Floor Unit 109A
021 - 572 5726
Jl. Asia Afrika 8, 10270
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.