Colette and Lola Jakarta: When Cakes Meet Dreams

FINALLY!!! To be honest, this is like the most requested blog post ever, but since I was busy maintaining my blogging activity and my final year of university, I've been having a little trouble managing time for myself to surf J-city's culinary spots and be a beast.

This new cake house in town is so popular and again if you're wondering who is the master behind this, it's none other than Ismaya Group. I don't know what else to say about Ismaya but for me, they are the king of branding their stores and they are super nice in the concept and packaging, no wonder why Colette and Lola has crazy vibes around Jakartans.

I'm going to apologize to you all upfront for the upcoming photos you're going to see, the first few photos were shot with my DSLR but the rest of them were taken with my Samsung Galaxy Camera (Thank God that camera's such a savior!). I was so upset that Colette and Lola didn't allow DSLRs, but I've read some reviews from other bloggers and they're using DSLR (you can tell)!!! Since this post is like the most requested and I want to really show you guys the sweet paradise everyone's talking about, I'm afraid I have to lower your expectations ;(.

But I guess, better there is than none, right? Finish what you started, I already arrived so let me tour you around.

First impression, this place is totally like the dream bedroom/candy world for girls who love soft pastel colors, the whole room's so feminine and pretty. This store area is not big, it's pretite: pretty and petite.

Loving this to the max!!!

The room was dominated with soft pastel colors like violet, pink, yellow and soft-blue, the colors are super eye-catching even before you stepped into the store as you can pre-seen it through the glass window. I actually love the vibe of this place, thank you for being petite! I came here when the rain was occuring and the sky outside was a little gloomy and this place was for me, the ideal place to stay, it's like entering a joyful room with splash of colors while the sky outside was dark and almost monochromatic.

I can't stop taking pictures, the whole area and every corner "forced" me to take pictures.

Since you guys ask for a Photoshop tutorial, I'm going to make a tutorial to get the tone of this photo below. I call it "Soft Peach Kiss".

This is actually the area where they sell you stickers, greeting cards, biscuits, cookies, pop cakes, hampers and anything pretty. They're super well designed and illustrated. Loving this kind of illustration.

Starting from the "Call Me Panda" cake all the way around clockwise.

Call Me Panda
IDR 32k
From what I tasted, this cake is a chocolate mousse cake with cripsy vanilla crumble layer underneath. Have it all the way from the top to the bottom to have a little texture play. This cake is somehow good but for me it's not that fantastic good, I need more drama from a cake.

My Lady Grey
IDR 28k
Love at first try, this is my favorite cake from Colette and Lola. This cake is Valrhona Caramelia Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea infused Bavarian cream. Well, you can definitely hint a touch of Earl Grey Tea in this cake but it's not overpowering though. I love that this cake is mousse form. I am more into mousse cakes lately, it just feels dreamier and lighter.
One question... why is this cake reminds me so much of the chocolate cakes from Harvest?

Rainbow Cake
IDR 28k
This cake is also decent and it's also said that this cake is one of the best seller as well as the "My Lady Grey" one. I finally found a moist yet super yummy rainbow cake, this one is certainly worth your order.

Lola Cola Macaroon and Coffee Macaroon
IDR 10k
These macaroons have nice texture and decent taste, not very sweet for my liking. I'd say that this is pretty good, and the price is reasonable. The Lola Cola Macaroon has a hint of cola infused to the macaroons and somehow the cream itself, while the Coffee Macaroon is common yet still good.

Creamy Chocolate and Cheese
IDR 15k
I honestly can't really taste the chocolate in this cake as much as the cheese, the cake itself is in a good moisture level. 

My eyes were attached to this gorgeous greeting card for their Ramadhan edition.
and with this, eatandtreats also greets you...
May this month brings you joy, brings you something to reflect, therefore you might find fabulous reasons to stay happy in life!!!

To conclude my journey, I think Colette & Lola is a really nice place to hang around with your friends, to have your afternoon tea and pretty yet yummy cakes at A VERY PRETTY PLACE. Make sure that you come around the afternoon because during the night, the waiting list in insane, totally an usual scenery of Jakartans when the hip of a new place in town is rising. I'll definitely come back here though for the cakes.

Jl. Senopati No. 64
Jakarta 12190
021 - 2900 7997