Altitude at The Plaza: Dining in the Sky!

It was such a pleasure for me for being invited by Altitude The Plaza for an exclusive Food Blogger Breakfasting. I finally got to share some of Altitude's food and place for you guys, that's totally the key: SHARING. I wouldn't lie that I am happy because I got invited, but it's happier for me because I'm eating the food and sharing my readers the pictures and my thoughts of the food. That's why I am always on a mission to make you guys hungry, by the way, I am crazier when it comes to sharing on my Instagram, so do follow me if you want to surf the world of culinary!

If you're not familiar with this restaurant, let me tell you a little background of this restaurant... This restaurant was publicly introduced to the general audience on April 2013 and Altitude consists of three restaurants that you can choose depending on your preference. Three restaurants with one similarity: located at the 46th floor of The Plaza tower! Dining in the sky? Tick!

Salt Grill by Luke Mangan
Salt Grill is a restaurant owned by world known chef: Luke Mangan. He already had two restaurants: one located in Australia and another located in Singapore. To be honest, this restaurant is certainly the top-notch dining spot! Everything is so organized and fancy looking, I guess the mood is like the downtown fine dining restaurants where you can spend the night with your loved ones, together juggle in the romantic mood, Later I'll be showing you guys how the restaurant looks like at night for a preview..

The kitchen in Jakarta is headed by Executive Chef: MJ Olguera who has been working for Luke Mangan for more than a decade.

GAIA by OSO Ristorante
GAIA by OSO Ristorante gives a major touch of Italian fused with a little France to Altitude, and yes they're serving The fusion of Italian and french culinary to the tables (majorly Italian). The area itself is very neat, awesome for dinner time and private events with (of course) fancy touch, well the whole room rings fanciness to the next level, no wonder, Altitude is a fine dining restaurants so what else do you expect.

The left one is my favorite area, it's just a perfect small table for four, or else you can cut it for two, next to the window, it'll be so romantic. I am crying my lonely self. How pitier can I be?!?

A view of Jakarta from the restaurant. I'm sorry for the traffic below but from up here, everything looks pretty, it's almost like a structured dashed line.

ENMARU Japanese Restaurant
You can find a little touch of fancy Japanese culinary here at ENMARU, they serve premium quality Japanese food to your tables and even some sauce and meat is FRIGGIN imported straight from JAPAN! Can you imagine? It's almost like you don't need to travel to Japan to taste a little bit of the country, still not entirely the truth, I still wanna go to Japan no matter what!

FRESH FISH ready to be served!

Meeting rooms, and Gathering Venues

Iced Lychee Tea
Generous amount of Lychee is a positive thing!

Virgin Mojito
Nothing cliche, but this Virgin Mojito is my favorite beverage of the visit, it's so fresh, not like the common Virgin Mojito I've had so far.

Passion Fruit Ketel One Vodka (alcohol beverage)
Not a huge fan of alcohol drinks but I still need to have a little sip to experience the chemistry of Vodka + Passion Fruit. It's impressive!

Foie Gras Chawanmushi by ENMARU Japanese Restaurant
HANDS DOWN! The best and I mean, THE BEST Cawanmushi I've ever had in life period! Everything is so smooth and melts in your mouth, it's almost like eating a very soft bean curd instead of a Cawanmushi, and that's a good thing. I love how the managed to cook the Foie Gras to be extremely smooth. It was exactly the first scoop and that's enough for me to fall in love. This complaint might be funny, but I wished the portion would've been bigger, doesn't matter that this is an entree. I am a man with a bottomless pit of stomach, the bigger would be better for me.

Assorted 5 Kinds of Sashimi by ENMARU Japanese Restaurant
Credits given to the presentation! I love when they put a little effort of the presentation, somehow for me, aesthetic is important, at least for the eye if the food is freakin bad. I'm impressed so far with this dish.

The sashimi consists of Kinmedai, Ootoro (Tuna Belly), Kanpachi (Yellow Tail), Uni and Tsubugai. They were so heavenly delicious! You can tell that it's freshly cut and served.

Impressive presentation!

Photos below are the same course, just different style of presentation.

Fish to Share: Stir Fry of Crab Meat, Shitake Mushrooms, Charsiu Sauce, Sugar Peas and Confit Eschalot by Salt Grill by Luke Mangan

Tip to do: squeeze the lemon juice on the uber delicious Barramundi for a fresher eating alternative. I love the juiciness of the fish together with the truffles! They also add an unbelievable experience to this dish, the way they cooked them are just genius. Two thumbs up for this dish. Probably going back for this one, and uh, don't forget the super yummy mashed potato! Incredibly smooth and addicting.

The side for this dish beside the incredible Mashed Potato, is the Heirloom Tomato Salad, Burrata cheese with basil red wine dressing.

Boneless Chicken Leg Stuffed with Porcini Mushroom by GAIA Ristorante
I started from the filling of this dish, which is the Porcini Mushroom and it was good, when I started to have the whole thing, it's so delicious! The chicken is in between soft and crunchy but overall super juicy. The asparagus somehow a matching companion to this dish. I have been giving compliments to the food so far, but they do deserve them! Maybe for my liking, I am not a huge fan of the Asparagus' aroma, but that's just the way they smell, it's unfair that I don't like them for what they are. Okay, stop being so dramatic, Hans.

Look how tender and juicy the meat is!

Pannacota, Tiramisu and Orange Cake by GAIA Ristorante
Out of these three, my favorite one must be the Pannacota! It's a milk-pudding Pannacota, I would put it on my list of the best Pannacotas I've eved had E V E R! It's so smooth, literally melts in my mouth. I want more than just a cube size, I'm going back for more and be more abashed of myself. I also love the Tiramisu cake for its smooth consistency and light cream. The orange cake is decent, however not fantastic good for me.

IT'S A BIRTHDAY CAKE SURPRISE!!! I was taking pictures of the outside scene and suddenly a birthday song is being sung! Isn't it nice when someone actually remembered your birthday and I'm so gladly thankful, grateful and happy for it. Another (larger) slice of Tiramisu Cake just for me. That night was just fine :").

So, after a great dining session, will I come back to Altitude? Hell yeah! Definitely! I still want to surf more and more menus from each of the restaurant, especially the desserts! For a fine dining restaurant with a certain class, I don't really like to judge whether the courses here are pricy, maybe for some, relatively expensive, regarding to the concept of fine dining experience, the venue, the premium ingredients, I would still consider this pretty reasonable.

Will I recommend Altitude? Definitely as well, it's a great great place for you to hangout, if you want to have a little cocktail date with your loved ones, don't miss the top lounge, Mezzanine bar, the more private and reserved spot.

View of Altitude during the night. Left: Salt Grill by Luke Mangan || Right: GAIA Ristorante.

Going to leave you guys with a photo of Jakarta night view from Altitude. 46 floors above and Jakarta's so beautiful during the night and from the top. Again, feeling sorry for the traffic down there, but in the same time thanks for creating an awesome view of the night.

PS: They're setting a little heaven, 3 floors above, can't wait for the 49th floor bar!

ALTITUDE The Plaza | Salt Grill by Luke Mangan | GAIA by OSO Ristorante | ENMARU Japanese Restaurant
The Plaza Tower, 46th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
021 - 2992 2448

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  1. GAIA Ristorante
    GAIA Ristorante gives a little touch of France to Altitude, and yes they're serving french culinary

    Hi Hans..Please do correct me if my wrong.Ive been one of Altitude regular guest for quite sometime now.And Im purdy sure that GAIA Ristorante is Italian.

    1. Nope, you're not wrong at all, it's my bad. The GAIA OSO Ristorante serves Italian food with a little touch of France, so it's a very little fusion. I should have emphasize the Italian more :). Thanks for the valuable input ;D.

    2. ;)All sorted,Your welcome.

  2. This place looks amazing!! The view, food, interior design, and all! The traffic view gave me nostalgia. I find them both very pretty.

    1. indeed :). Every element of this restaurant is such a joy, especially the meals: they're delicious.