Master Wok Lotte Shopping Avenue: Wok with LOVE!

Another new invention from Boga Group, Master Wok is now here to serve you guys the finest Chinese culinary in an express way. 

I attended an event held by Master Wok at Lotte Shopping Avenue (LOVE) last week, it's supposed to be a soft opening and in the same time promotion to the media and food bloggers. Maybe some of you starts wondering, why is it that a group as big as Boga Group is expanding its venture to a smaller section, for those of you who don't know, Master Wok is located at the food court area of the mall, but don't get them wrong, they're trying to reach another market: people who truly love fine Chinese cuisine and they might happened to be in a rush.

Bento is the concept of the restaurant, the ordering of the food itself is super simple: the fresh and premium dishes are served for your eyes only and you can select what you want, they also have sets for a better deciding. By the way guys, did I mention that each and every food served here is H A L A L? Yeay!

Cap Cay (Mixed Veggies)

Honey and Ginger Chicken
This one is one of my personal favorites! I mean look at that!!! They look delicious, juicy and yummy already I wanted to rape the chicken!

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Blackpepper Beef
Yummy? Check!

Enoki Mushroom Tofu

Oyster Sauce Pakcoy

Sweet and Sour Fish

Since each and every guest was allowed to have their own bento set that day, I went with having fried rice, Blackpepper Beef, Enoki Mushroom Tofu and Fragrant Chicken. I had the protein, carbs and vitamins which means a good thing because you need a balanced metabolism right?! I honestly like my chose of bento set even though I am fully aware that it doesn't look very appealing in presentation, but don't judge the unattractive look! Judge the flavor! Remember, looks can be very deceiving.

If you ask me to choose the menu for another set, I'd probably stand still to my choice, but you can also try its fabulous "Egg Yolk Prawn", it's super nice and crunchy. (I don't have the photo because by the time, it hasn't been served yet).

Free complimentaries of soup of the day and Chicken Roll (should be the appetizer). The chicken roll is so crunchy yet nice! The soup itself needs a little more seasoning, but I love that they're using seaweeds <3.

Food Court Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue
4th Fl.
Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio