Koultoura Coffee Jakarta: WARNINGS to Coffee Shops in Town!

I started to stalk pay attention to this coffee shop since my following on Instagram are posting photos of this new coffee shop in town, I literally fell in love from the first peek! Especially the branding and the mural painting! (going there in a moment).

I managed a lunch to meet up with my old friend from junior high here last week, she's also the one who's excited about me reviewing this coffee house! My first impression when I looked at the building was like...wow!!! it's such a nice place, kind of what my imaginary coffee shop should be, I have always loved the good old coffee shop with major usage of woods or either strong on its minimalist touch. I think I should build my own coffee shop instead of bragging around. So far, I'm already impressed.

Walking into this coffee house made me even more realized that I was literally in my imaginary coffee house, which is a good thing because I feel comfortable, owned and welcomed. I really love how they designed the interior to be spacial, minimalist, sort of vintage western style coffee house, the best thing about this is actually I am torn between labeling this as "Coffee Shop" or "Coffee House". Whatever it is, it definitely is "Koultoura".

This coffee house is so strong on its branding, I am a major worshiper of typo art and illustration and I love how the brand is using these four characters as parts of Koultoura and the application starting from the name card, the paper base, cup base to my favorites ones: the hanging paintings! They were like family portraits of the owner of this house. My favorite one was the rabbit!

A well designed coffee house needs a gorgeous book. Plus point that they have Monocles here :D.

This is the friend that I talked about earlier, say hi to Riska!

We had Croque Madame and Foxie's Hangover Cure for the lunch that day.

Croque Madam
IDR 45k (before tax)

Technically a sandwich with ham with generous amount of cream cheese, this dish does look pretty and it indeed actually tasted "pretty" decent too, even though I am not a big fan of cheese, I gotta say that the cheese was not overpowering, however I still need to try this dish for a subjective POV. This is Riska's order and she kinda enjoyed it.

Foxie's Hangover Cure
IDR 45k (before tax)

This was my order for the lunch, it's actually the brunch menu of this restaurant but I still wanted to have this because the description rings the most unique and I am pre-impressed by the description. It's such a simple presentation yet the simplicity left a rather strong impression. I honestly liked this one and the ultra-soft boiled eggs is pleasant. The only complaint that I have was for the small size, for me it's small for the same amount of prize spent on the Croque Madam.

Hot Chocolate for the day!
IDR 25k (before tax)

This one's decent! I would recommend this one for the beverage, I wanted to try the coffee but too bad they were running out of the coffee beans so coffee was not destined for me that day :(.

It's getting late, we should go home.
Exterior view of Koultoura during the night.

Going to leave you guys with probably what you're most excited of... The Mural Painting! Gotta give credit for the artist for making such a beautiful yet detailed drawing. God loves you and you're friggin talented.

Gotta try this hip new coffee house guys! With its branding and strong concept, I believe they can survive in this industry, they just need to make sure that they're keeping their feet on the ground and continue doing its best at serving. Koultoura is best for hanging out with your group of friends, I'd recommend during the night, I don't know I just love the vibe more during the night for a coffee.

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