Postcards from Semarang

Pictures taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera

A short post to keep ourselves updated.

I am currently on my Java tour and I am planning to surf around the centre and eastern part of Java. The internet has been crazy, it's hard for me to keep the social networks updated but thankfully my hotels have great wifi access. The internet is the friendliest during the night!

I'm sending these lovely "postcards" from Semarang, the city of Lunpia! FYI, I've eaten the lunpias here!!! They're ginormous, very different from the ones I found in Jakarta and definitely more delicious. I also managed to visit Sam Poo Kong temple today, it's one of the most beautiful temples I've ever been in Indonesia. Stay tuned to my social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more and more updates of the travel and culinary places during my trip <3.

and oh, for my moslem readers:
I'm very sorry for all the wrongs that I've done ever since the first post: from the words, the wrong informations or the bad photos. I'm doing my best to become better and better.

Till then, I'm gonna see you on the social networks and to the upcoming posts in the blog :).

Warmest love and regards from Semarang,

Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto

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