The number of growing F&B outlets can be interesting, but in the same time overwhelming. I used to think that the number of rich people in Jakarta is like A LOT (judging from the number of F&B scene), but the answer could be a yes or a maybe, but one thing I know I must judged assume a little too soon about that LOL, but anyway, if you’re familiar with PIK then you must know that the number of available clusters is decreasing as the waiting list for the cluster in PIK is hideous, hence some people think about “migrating” or starting their business is the growing area of PIK, Elang Laut, which I believe going to be the next hot spot in Jakarta!

Now if you don’t know where Elang Laut is, when you actually go to PIK (not via highway), you must be noticing the Burger King, so instead of heading to the right (the PIK hospital), you go left, it’s a little complicated for me to explain it here, but rest assure because if you drive and as long as you type in “Elang Laut” or “Ruko Elang Laut”, Waze or Google Maps will direct you to the right location!
This time I am going to be talking about this newly opened cafe which I visited just earlier, and since I have a good feeling that this place is going to be famous real soon, yes I am typing this post MWAHAHA! It’s called “Itadakimasu” and it’s located at Ruko Elang Laut Blok D No. 57, if you know the 33 Section Coffee Shop, it’s located just a few outlets away. The word “Itadakimasu” is one of the most used word in Japanese culture, roughly explained, it’s a word that people (mostly Japanese) say to show their gratitude towards life and food, or thanking the spirit or universe of things you’re going to have (eat), or in Indonesian, it’s almost like “Selamat Makan” on the most unexact way.
The cafe was very catchy from the outside with red signage placed on wood material and that cute bear icon! Once you step in, you’re going to see a lot of colorful hand-drawn illustration of the bear on different angles, I found them simply cute! At the moment, since they’re still on their soft-opening days, the construction is not 100% finished, but the second floor (which I was seated at) was completely done, and plus they had better light there!

The line up menu here is very inspired by Japanese cuisine and you’re going to find hand made rolls, gyu tan don, curry creations, baked rice, tamagoyaki and some desserts such as taiyaki, mochi, matcha creations and some of their signatures you won’t find elsewhere such as Itadakimasu Coconut Island & Ted’s Drugs Churros! Not only the food, they also have their signature drinks such as homemade yakult beverages & milk teas. The price range for the food here starts from IDR 32k-75k and for the beverage starts from IDR 12k-24k, if you want to use toppings, additional IDR 4k will be charged.
Had quite a big lunch and here they were!
Strawberry Yakult
IDR 24k
Initially wanted their mango yakult, but it was out of stock so I chose the strawberry one and I didn’t regret it. It was altogether sweet, fruity and perfectly balanced. The yakult beverages are also available in lychee, orange (also very nice), and melon flavor.
Green Tea Latte
IDR 20k
For a IDR 20k and that quality, it was a total worth it. It was not overpowering milky with rich green tea flavor, just heartwarming.
Gyu Tan Don
IDR 48k
Their Gyu Tan Don came in medium portion for proper enough for one, and you can set the spiciness level on either level 1, 2, or 3. The gyu tan was being marinated in special sauce originated from Kyoto and it was yum! Tender slices with tasty and spicy flavor, I personally love the more savory type of gyu tan don instead of the sweeter one.
Sampler Don
I had their sampler don consisting of the mini version of gyu tan don, salmon don and chicken katsu don. Generally all three was pretty good, but my favorite has got to be the chicken katsu don was my favorite with uber tender perfectly cooked & seasoned meat, and overall I was also fond of the fact that they used Japanese rice with sticker consistency since I thought it works better with the meat & sauce!

IDR 32k
Their take on Dynamite consists of salmon cubes, shitake, shimeji and enoki mushroom broiled with spicy mayo, and just like most “Dynamite” dish, it had that hint of spicy. I was actually fond of this one, especially the VERY generous amount of mushroom, the spiciness was on a proper state, and since the sauce was pretty bold and salty, if they could tone down the saltiness a little bit, this would be even more beautiful.
Tanpeiyaki (non halal)
IDR 32k
Their version of Tanpeiyaki consists of tender pork meat marinated with that special secret sauce from Kyoto and rolled with egg. The sauce used on this dish was pretty much the same as the one in their Dynamite: bold, tasty and just tad salty but with better balance comparing to Dynamite since this one got the egg, and the neutral egg flavor toned down that saltiness.
Sushi Burrito
Their sushi burrito was one of my favorites of the day! It was just chunky big generous filling of salmon, salmon roe, tempura crumbs, cucumber and lettuce! The Japanese rice stick together very well creating this solid appearance and hence it made us, the customers, easier when having it. This one is A MUST ORDER.
Sleeping Panda
IDR 48k
Now we’re entering the cute zone! One of their signature dishes is this panda curry rice named Sleeping Panda featuring twomost adorable cutest sleeping panda formed with the Japanese rice, in a way, it’s like a sushi, and the rice itself was also actually being seasoned with Japanese vinegar to create that salty fragrant flavor. The blanket aka the scrambled egg was wrapping the butter rice with salmon & prawn and all that drenched in tasty curry sauce. The seasoning of the curry sauce was perfect, not too strong nor too herb-ish/spicy.

Starving Panda
IDR 48k
If the sleeping pandas are not cute enough for ya, here come the starving pandas! This dish was actually the more creative version of chicken katsu curry rice with additional five starving panda figures on the side. IT WAS SO CUTE I WANNA DIE! The curry sauce’s the same as the one used in Sleeping Panda & the chicken katsu was cooked nicely with medium crispiness & tender chicken.

Mizu Mochi
IDR 32k
Mizu mochi is the clear type of mochi and almost jelly like. The texture was chewy with plain flavor, that’s why it’s being paired with their homemade taro soft serve, maple syrup and nut dust. The taro soft serve was milky with rich flavor, it was a unique yet interesting dessert.

Sweet Drugs Churros
IDR 35k
Presentation wise, unlike anything I’ve seen before when it comes to churros presentation! The churros was served in carton box with three injections with nutella, matcha and sweet cheese sauce. My favorite filling was the Nutella, even though it needed to have that stronger Nutella flavor because it tasted more like dark chocolate, but I was fond of the texture of the churros, it was really good in terms of size, texture & consistency!
Nutella Croissant Taiyaki
IDR 25k
I notice the taiyaki trend is getting big in town but I am glad that they choose to take it to another level with their version of croissant taiyaki! The taiyaki indeed had this fragrant, flaky and buttery coating, followed with the chewy-mochi taiyaki and generous Nutella filling. I LOVE THIS! For me it’s yummy, unique, tasty and such a deal! Gotta try.
Ice Cream Sandwich Churros
IDR 30k
This one was one of my favorite desserts of the day because I found it VERY cute and since it was the first time for me having churros sandwich dessert. The ice cream was cookies & cream with smooth yet stickier texture and the churros, again, beautiful consistency and texture. DA YUM!
To be honest, I was a little skeptical whenever I see “cute cafes”, well I can’t blame myself because the fact is, my experience with cute cafes with bad food is now uncountable, and that sort of creating my pre-settled judgement towards cafes with pretty much the same concept of cute, but this one, must admit the food was nice and especially when you notice the price was freaking affordable, it’s totally worth it.

I really do wish them all the best of luck and please keep up the good performance!

Ruko Elang Laut Blok D No. 57
Penjaringan, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470
0819 6003 232
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: casual
WiFi: yes!


Map for Elang Laut

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