More and more companies (aka instant noodle giants) come with their very own premium instant chicken noodle and this time I am going to talk about Mie Sedaap's "Tasty", it has been on the market for a couple of months now and I heard they're getting quite a buzz that's why I want to try it myself!

At the moment, the retail price per pack is at IDR 7k, I don't know if it's the Alfamart promotion or something but I got the buy 2 get 1 deal which is nice!

Let's start with the packaging! The overall was simple and clean, all products (one pack of noodle & seasoning and one pack of seasoned chicken topping) wrapped in this thin carton box and to be frank with you I love the simplicity as they don't produce a lot of waste while still keeping things clean. What I love the most is the cooking steps at the back, sign of a good informative packaging.
Noodle close up! They're using curly noodle for this product!
The seasoned chicken topping plays a huge role in products like this as they determine if they're... good. I got the topping out and put it in a small bowl to see the portion they're giving, and I found it's pretty proper for a single serving. The chicken topping alone was beautifully seasoned with this amount of savory goodness that I appreciate! It does remind me of the topping "bakmi ayam". Another one that differentiates Mie Sedaap to its peers is how they add in crispy fried chicken skin as toppings, before I opened the pack to check out the fried chicken skin, I already expected something that's uber crunchy and cooked with Vacuum Fryer, yes it's crunchy, yes it's not greasy, but why did it taste more like fried shallot to me? Or maybe the amount of fried shallot was more dominant compared to fried chicken skin.
Seasoned chicken topping approved!
How you want your noodle cooked really depends on how soft you want it to be, it really is preference so this time I can't judge whether you over cook your noodle or not because it might be intentional, while I like mine to be a tad al-dente and they have the suggested cooking time at the back of the packaging, but remember: YOUR CALL.
One thing that I have to point out is the soysauce that's in the packaging is salty soysauce, so if you're expecting the sweet soysauce, you might have to outsource, the overall flavor character gravitates more towards the savory one, I have friends who expected the overall to be sweet, but remembering food is super flexible, you can always add in this and that to find the character of flavor that you want, for example you can add in more soysauce or chili flakes or this and that, even a fried sunny side up LOL! Anyway in this experiment I didn't include the chili sauce in as I don't normally like chili sauce in my noodle.

But the product alone was pretty decent for me, it kinda reminds me of Mie Sedaap Goreng only a bit fancier in terms of packaging and flavor on my palate... or is it because of my hands? HAHAHA kidding, but yes I would recommend you guys to try it, and if the promotion's right, you better catch the deal.
Thank you for reading!


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