For those who wonder, yes I did take a short hiatus from blogging just because I don't feel like going to the new places or simply writing, two months ago I was in the phase where I was just bored with my blogging activity, I mean I've been blogging for almost six years, and the six years has been a rollercoaster of pretty much everything, I was once in this mood where I was insane in the most diligent way pushing at least one article every single day (sometimes even two), where I was super passionate and diligent in blogging that I would honestly felt sorry for you guys if I don't deliver something, that when the number of my daily readers grow that's the happiest thing that can happen to me, but don't get me wrong, I am not losing my passion or interest towards the business/blogging, I was just bored from working too much and needing that hiatus where I didn't feel the need to do anything blogging related (and I turned down so many job offers) and so far, 2018 has been a good travelling year for me. I have so many photos and stories to share and I'll probably start doing it now as this firey feeling is suddenly here again, I am so in the mood to write something, express my feeling and shit!

I do get a lot of questions from you guys (to the little ones who are still reading this blog thank you) on when will I update my blog and why I haven't really posted a lot of food related content on my Instagram, well I was bored, and maybe this blog post will be the start of my 'fire' back, and I am welcoming everyone back here!!!

So as you guys probably know, I went to Singapore with my family for let's say my birthday trip, even though it's not and it's a very random trip (and oh thank you for all the sweet messages from everyone wishing me happy birthday, may the same goes back at you!), we spent three days in Singapore and stayed at The Westin Singapore which is one of my favorite hotels in Singapore, didn't take any photos of the hotel but one thing for sure the stay was amazing! Anyway the hotel rate was a bit expensive than the usual since Singapore (as this post is typed) is currently on its high season!

Since rupiah's value to Singapore just keeps getting lower and lower, Singapore felt so expensive these days, at the end of the trip when I counted my spending, I always feel like spending more on three days in Singapore compared to let's say 5 days in Australia, one cup of coffee in Singapore can range between S$6/S$7 and since I sometimes drink soy additional S$1-S$1.5 is charged, that one cup can equal to 2 cups of coffee in Australia and Jakarta right? At least we would spend S$120-150, that's an insane amount of money to spend especially when you compare it to my regular spending in Jakarta. Is it just me or you also wonder where all your money gone in Singapore? But anyway what's gone is now gone, let's focus on this blog post! This blog post will mainly be me talking about the feast that we had from three days being in Singapore and the list is sorted by the time of the visit.

64 Prinsep st.
Singapore 188667
My mom wanted to go to the Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho temple on the Waterloo street to pray and when I checked Curious Palette was located not too far from the temple (like around 7 minute walk) so we visited the cafe because I've been wanting to go for so long but always ended up not coming on the previous Singapore visits. Wanted so badly to try out their popular Ricotta Hot Cakes but unfortunately we had to wait 40 minutes and I didn't want to, but the server recommended us to try out their Berry Waffle with Ice Cream (S$13.5) as it's the closest dupe to the hot cakes and it was not bad, the waffle was not sweet and more towards mild salty but the fresh fruits and ice cream elevated the flavor. I ordered Soy Cappuccino here (S$5) and it was pretty good.
150 Tyrwhitt Rd.
Singapore 207563
Now when it comes to the best coffee in Singapore, so far none kicked CSHH from my personal list of the best coffeeshop in Singapore, almost head to head with Nylon but I like CSHH a bit better maybe from the place too.

First of all, if you're a virgin to CSHH, I am truly in love with this coffee shop due to the fact that it's almost like this warehouse/vintage house that's transformed to a coffee shop and roastery, uber loving the raw yet ethnic design from the traditional house and boy they serve very good coffee here! When in CSHH even though the have soy options, I always go with the Cappuccino ($S6) and last time I paired my coffee with their Gluten Free Banana Choco Muffin (S$7) which was very moist and flavorful, and the Ang Ku Kueh (Tortoise cake - S$1.5) which sadly was off for me, mainly because of the hard peanut filling, not my thing, I like the mung bean paste filling the best).
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Right after visiting Chye Seng Huat Hardware, we went to Marina Bay Sands to do a little shopping and I stumbled upon this new frozen yogurt shop called YOLE which I heard is the rebranding of Llao Llao which is no longer available in Singapore, some people say it's the rebranding of Llao Llao, some said it's a completely new brand, but regardless what it is, the yogurt was not bad at all, maybe since I had the concept of it being the Llao Llao rebirth, having this was just like having Llao Llao, and that cookie sauce tho. The large cup with three toppings was S$5.90.
Yishun Park Hawker Centre #01-40
Singapore 768867
Met up with my good friend Zippy and he got me these chicken wings from Ah Tan Har Cheong Gai (fried chicken wings) THANK YOU SO MUCH LUVYU! These wings are so freaking popular that on good days they might be sold out at 1 PM (yes one fucking PM) and to have this without having to queue is something LOL, what makes the wings special is how it's dipped in prawn paste before cooking so you might be smelling this ebi/terasi like scent that I found delicious (but maybe not for everyone), the chicken wing is S$1.6/piece, but they also have the Atas Wing Meal (S$4.9 - two drumlets, two wings) and the Atas Cutlet Meal (S$5.9 - Har Cheong Gai cutlet). The fried chickens were beautifully cooked, it was crunchy on the outside with coating that's flavorful, and juicy all the way to the meat along with the flavor that's absorbed to the meat, definitely a highly recommended meal!
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
This was my second visit to Hai Di Lao and I don't know, maybe the nature is I love Mala hot pots and crave for it a lot wherever I travel (like I always have to go to Dainty when I'm in Melbourne) and since I was with my parents and being an avid fan of Mala hot pots that they are, so Hai Di Lao is a positive! I am going to make a separated blog post about Hai Di Lao, but what I can tell you is that for me, it's never a dull moment in Hai Di Lao, more than the food, the service was incredible here, even prior getting inside (PS you can even have free manicure/pedicure while waiting can you imagine?). Recommended!

There are several Hai Di Lao branches in Singapore but I always go to the one in 313 Somerset (4th fl).
Craving for my favorite carrot cake that's located at ION Orchard's food court called Food Opera and this one is from Thye Hong, the outlet is actually best known for their fried prawn noodle, I've tried once but not the best one I've had, on the other hand their carrot cake is so delicious! You can choose between the small or large portion, but honestly the small one's already pretty big to be eaten alone (picture on the left - S$6)! My mom was craving for some fishball noodle and I saw this one with pretty long queue (assuming this must be legit) and it's from the stand Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodle! I like the texture of the noodle, just the right firmness! When you purchase here you'll be asked whether you want chili on the side but really just say yes because it's not the spicy kind of chili, it's more like an additional sauce for me that elevates the whole performance! The highlight has got to be the fishballs for sure! SO BOUNCY but moist and pretty tasty! One portion is around S$5.5 if I'm not mistaken.
30 Victoria St.
Singapore 187996
First of all, I didn't know how to pronounce Chijmes until Zippy told me, I legit thought it was "Cheey-mes" but it was a simple "Chymes". Chijmes is actually a historical building complex in Singapore that's related to the Catholic church but few years back expanded as one of the hottets hangout spots in Singapore without interrupting the initial purpose of Chijmes being built. A lot of you recommended me to go to Hvala and Glasshouse which I sadly only went to Hvala because Glasshouse was so packed and I've had two cups of coffee that day and it was just 2 PM so saving Glasshouse for next time! Hvala was something impressive, I truly love their Matcha creations here, dying to try out their Matcha cake but sadly sold out by the time of my visit so I ended up having their Iced Matcha Latte (S$6) which I found pretty good, the right amount of milk and matcha, even though it's served sweetened when you don't give any request, I like how I can still taste the rich and sheer bitterness of the Matcha. 

I will make a separated blog post about Chijmes soon, so stay tuned and chime in soon!
Bali Lane 32A
Singapore 189868
After a rather brief visit to Chijmes, Zippy brought us to his favorite croissant shop in Singapore which was the Brotherbird (aka Stateland Cafe). I have visited Brotherbird twice but few years back they didn't have any pastries and solely serving their signature mochi donut and soft serve! Zippy was right tho, the pastries (croissants, cruffins) were GOOD! Lucky when we got there the pastries were just done and freshly baked, hence they were on their flakiest, crunchiest and fragrant, all that with generous filling too. My favorite was the Hazelnut for sure, perfectly sweet, rich and so addicting.
Zippy surprised me by secretly prepared these fresh pastries for me to bring home along with their signature Mochi Donut with Apple Caramel soft serve that was such a heavenly matchmade! YUM!

30 Keong Saik Rd.
Singapore 089137
Another one that I feel I need to make a separated blog post for simply because it was worth making, another recommendation from Zippy as we were craving for Chinese food for dinner and I mean REAL FUCKIN GOOD FOOD! Kok Sen restaurant at Keong Saik st. is actually one of the restaurant that's listed under the Michelin guide and I really did set some expectation prior having the food here! Do you want me to spill the tea here or waited for my full review? Prolly just wait until my review okay as I have things to talk about, but one thing for sure, not a completely disappointing one! I really enjoy their Yong Tau Foo and their signature Bee Hoon Soup with Big Prawns, and here you can also order the food based on what size you fancy (small, medium, large) with price adjusted.
Hot Pot Yong Tau Foo
Bee Hoon Soup with Big Prawn
...and that just wraps up with Singapore food diary from the latest trip, I normally ate much more than this but I have my weight watchers aka my mom and dad who are honestly very critical about my weight, but anyway trips with them are always fun! Hoping for more adventures to come! Stay tuned for more blog posts to come and thanks for reading!
Stay tuned for my Japan and Australia blog posts, I am in the process of sorting the photos and will write the blog posts soon!!!

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