If you ask me to name one of my favorite Korean restaurants in town, give me three seconds and the name Magal BBQ is one of the ones that will cross my mind. Following the huge success of their earlier outlet (aka the Senopati outlet), this Korean origin BBQ restaurant finally decide to open another branch a little more to the north aka in Kelapa Gading and here I am sharing you experience from my lunch date with sis some time ago!

Their MKG outlet is located at the lobby area, it's accessible from the outside (as they have an entrance from the lobby area), the access from the mall is through this little alley next to Sensory Lab, go straight and there will be a small entrance that will lead you the dining area of the restaurant, and as expected, the delicious BBQ char-grilled aroma lingering all over the restaurant!

Fresh charcoal used to grill the meat!
Dining in Magal means pampered by the banchan (Korean appetizer) to start with! They offer various banchans like picked vegetables, mayonaisse salad, fresh greens salad, mini Korean pancake, and of course Kimchi! I tried everything and must admit that their banchan is among the freshest in the scene.
Because I am an avid fan of skirt when it comes to Korean BBQ, good news they serve good skirts here, but if you come in group of 3/4, I highly suggest getting their Combo (set), the popular three is Galmaegi Combi (IDR 755k), Beef Combo (IDR 800k) and Pork Combo (IDR 400k). I got the Pork Combo and it consist of Pork Skirt Meat + Marinated Skirt Meat + Marinated Pork Collar + Pork Belly, Mushroom, Shrimp and Boneless Short Ribs.

Additional Gyeran Chuga (egg) is IDR 30k!
Eggs to share!
Pork Set (IDR 400k)
Sundubu Jjigae, it's mandatory for me to have the hot soup to pair my Korean BBQ (and rice) with. Their Sundubu Jjigae is bold and beautifully spicy just how I like it.
They'll give you three dipping sauces for the meat which for me personally, different for each serving, if you're going with the good old leaf/lettuce wrapping serving, I highly suggest the red paste like (and don't forget the kimchi and ssamjang if you fancy), but if you're going solo with the meat only, dipping the meat either the red sauce/the sesame oil salt should be wonderful.
They also have Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) here - IDR 180k
Let's get to the real deal: THE MEAT! First of all, can't deny just how fresh the meats, this was not my first visit to Magal, probably the third time and I am always impressed by the consistent quality of the ingredients here. As you can see from the picture below, the Samgyeopsal is beautifully mild pink, indicating it's fresh, and the others on the tier are marinated nicely, the marination certainly absorbs right in

Japchae - IDR 90k
The mixed, stirred and sesame seasoned sweet potato noodle with generous meat and vegetable topping. It was beautifully cooked.
Jinkkotbulchobap - complimentary from the set
Sushi covered with beef - still I'd go for seafood for sushi.
Oh, the service, the waiters and waitresses were also attentive enough in serving us, they didn't forget to change the grilling plate with the new one, which is the little details that matter for me and one should not forget.
Look at that glaze on the skirt, almost caramel like!!! The skirt was seriously delicious! If you want to go for the additional ala carte outside the combo, go for this one!
Do I have any complaint? As far as I remember, not really. As I mentioned earlier, one thing that they're good at is keeping the performance consistent, which is important, no wonder they're loved by many. I think it's safe to say that Magal is one of the best Korean BBQ in Jakarta!
Magal BBQ
Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Lobby level
Jakarta Utara 14240
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
021 - 4586 5001
Dresscode: casual
Average spending for two: IDR 400k


Map for MKG3

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