Pretty Kitchenette Treats

Went for cakes hunting because I have been craving for them, I'm blogging about the pretty treats from Kitchenette Jakarta. Kithenette is probably one of my favourite restaurant for the design and the desserts. They have great great cakes and galettes <3.

As what you see from above, there are three cakes that we bought and try and had no regrets at the end. Why? simply because it's DELICIOUS!

So here are the main stars!

Red Velvet Cake In Jar
The cream cheese is not very cheesy, that's what I totally love about this cake, the cake is light, the texture is lovely and the presentation is super lovely. I kinda like this photo actually.

Oreo Chocolate Cupcake
Loving this one for some reasons: for the fact that the cream used is also oreo creme, but blends together with the chocolate cupcakes resulting something that doesn't taste very sweet, and for the fact that the texture of the cupcake itself is semi hard, so you can have that contrast from the flufiness of the cream and the hardness of the cupcake. Another reason is because the oreo biscuit is not solid, it's also fluffy and elastic :).

Red Velvet Cupcake
Hands down to the sexy velvet, this cake has always been my choice for every single visit, it's like the signature cupcakes from Kitchenette, worth to try, loving the cream cheese and the color is a very sexy red I'd say.

Kitchenette has always been a good deal. We pretty much had fun and the cakes can hold our hunger for about three hours before we went for another food hunting. For these three cupcakes, our bill was IDR 98.000.

Plaza Indonesia, Ground Fl.
Central Park, Tribeca park.