I promised you guys that every Friday starting from this week, is the EATandTREATS: DESSERT OF THE WEEK day! so you'll have my chosen 'Dessert of The Week", it's going to be everything desserts, I'm so excited for this one because I love desserts and who doesn't?

The lucky number one! the first to be the DOTW
FORET NOIRE from Bakerzin!
Congratulation 'Foret Noire' from Bakerzin for becoming the first ever EATandTREATS: Dessert of The Week! I truly love this dessert based on the eating experience and I want to mention about a few points that I can speak out here. I have always loved balance in food, food and life, well you gotta have the balance in the taste, the texture and the presentation, especially since I am a graphic design student, I deal with design principles *coolface*.
I love the fact that this dish looks so sweet and pretty but it fortunately tastes not that sweet, the sweetness is okay and if you see the white cream in the picture, it's basically a whipped cream.

Don't you personally think this cake looks so pretty? I love the simple and efficient presentation, if you happen to know the common Foret Noire cakes, well this is almost the same, and maybe most of you think this looks like a common 'blackforrest cake', but it tastes a bit different, and only it's Bakerzin's style so they make it to look more unique and more of that signature style.

This is when the cake was being cut and I've always loved sharing the pictures of how a food looks when it's cut (no matter how they look), so I can totally give an even fairer judgements, just from this picture, I can even re-imagine how soft the chocolate cake was, it was indeed very delicious.
For the beverage, I order this Cafe Brulee. I really recommend this one for an amazing coffee tasting, if you never tried this one, basically when you hear something that rhymes with 'brulee', the presentation is almost always like this, the toppest surface which is the sugar is burnt, and it's totally bringing out the point because the crisp is the essential unique thing about this drink. I love the coffee, it tastes sort of light for me, I can feel a hit of caramel sauce used and a little cocoa powder mixed but overall the coffee and milk is still the main ingredients.
This beverage is very pretty looking.

Again, picture of when the burnt sugar is being broken, you can look at the foam, it looks awesome :).

There you have it, my first DESSERT OF THE WEEK! I hope you're happy with my chosen menu.

Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall
Tanjung Palapa Rd. 11470
(021) 5698 5769

- Dear my lovely readers, I'd love you to participate in choosing The DOTW, I completely understand that I am not a psychic and I am totally aware that you guys are more awesome, if you have any recommendations for the most delicious desserts in town! Please please leave your comments, because I will absolutely read it and if there's any chance, I'd die to visit the recommended place :). I'll feature whoever wins my heart <3. JK.
- Got another email invitation from someone and I am invited to come on the soft opening of another boba drink brand, but I"m going to keep it surprise, because it'll definitely blogged few days after I attend the event. Stay tuned guys!

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