Birthday dinner at The Royal Jade

I am very happy to annouce you guys that I'm making a new blog and it's officially published along with the very first entry. I have always wanted to make a food blog where I can post pictures and give review of a lot of restaurants that I have visited, and Thank God the chance is now.

Thank you guys for visiting, I hope you guys will love the journey of the culinary experience with me and this blog, and I'll try my best to keep you guys updated, because we are always hungry and it's no longer a question, but a statement: "who doesn't love food?! we can't get enough!". LOL.

The very first entry of this blog will be about a birthday dinner I just attended a few hours ago: it's my uncle birthday dinner surprise! It's funny because he didn't know that we're planning this the whole time, mostly thanks to the lovely wife of his. and on top of that, he doesn't know that he's having his birthday today! That would have made it really weird but fortunate for us LOL. We set the scenario so he thought it's but an usual dinner gathering, but then after the dinner, the lights are off and his wife brought him a cake she bought earlier.

Fortunately, we got the VIP room of The Royal Jade restaurant, generally I love the ambience of this restaurant and I gotta tell you the private butlers are very polite, so that's a plus for that, I'm just being completely objective :).

Here is a photo of the restaurant's interior.

Flowers everywhere.
The Royal Jade is a chinese restaurant and you'll obviously would get the experience of the culinary of which commonly the appetizers and some of main courses are the same as what you can also get at others chinese restaurant, but obviously there's something that will make it different, it's the taste, the presentation and the impression. We had a bliss with the dinner and now I'm going to show you the complete list, in order of appearance. 

I love this snack, it's a good old honey peanut with sesame. Me and my cousins can't get enough of this and we keep on asking for this while waiting for the main course to be served, it's so good, I love the balanced flavor of the sweetness and the neutral taste of the sesame.

Let's start with the appetizers, the first was the Crab Asparagus soup, this is also one of my most favorite of the servings, you know that famous taste of this soup, it's just great, the smell has always been like that and I like it that way.

I love this second appetizer, it's the infamous cold Chinese Meat Salad with Jellyfish. Hands down for this one, I love the freshness of the materials served here, for whatever I tasted, I will put in words so I can give the fairest judgment, and this one is a total pass.

A no better common meal to celebrate a birthday dinner rather than the fried noodle itself! 

The next to be served is the Seafood Tofu Sapo. I like this one for how the tofu is perfectly cooked and the sauce that they're making just blends perfectly with the vegetables, the seafood and the tofu.

The good old fried Shrimp Mayonnaise, everybody loves this one! I like how the usage of the mayonnaise doesn't take over how the overall food should be, and this one is awesome. The crunch of the flour is also a good deal.

This one is actually a funny part, right after everyone loves the fried shrimp with mayonnaise, people just skip this one, for the fact that this is a vegetable dish LOL, but thankfully, I have no problems with vegetables and I give this a try. This one is 'mushroom with brocolli'. I adore how the soup got absorped by the brocolli and it made the brocolli itself a dish for its own. Heart it.

Next, it's the Hongkong style Fried Chicken. I honestly think that this dish will be much improved if they organize the presentation better, the dish is a good one but if it combines with a great presentation, that would make it even better. The highlight of this dish is the skin, it's very crunchy and tasty.

The last dish to be served on the dinner is the Sweet-Sour Fish. Nothing negative to mention about this one because literally, I love everything about this, I love the fact that the sauce is very balanced, the texture is not water like and the crunch of the fried fish is love with this one.

Fresh dessert, good old fruits :)

Overall, I had an amazing experience having my dinner here, a venue with such ambience, where I can gather with my lovely family members. It was a night with great food, great laugh, love and celebration <3. I really recommend this place for having dinner with your family.

The Royal Jade
Glow Tower, Komplek Ruko Seasons City Blok F No. 1
Jalan Latumenten 33, Jakarta Barat
Ph: (021) 290 71 333 ext. 107