Rabu, 25 Maret 2015


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you must notice that I just came back from my Bandung trip, it’s actually a media trip held by Hilton Bandung, and I went with some bloggers and media that I actually am friends with! Sometimes when it’s a short trip, it’s just nice to travel with the people you know, so you don’t waste your time getting to know people that might not leave the best impressions. In the mood to write so I guess I’ll write a little part of my experience and save the rest for the upcoming posts.

Selasa, 24 Maret 2015


It’s like forever since the last time I write an article about Indonesian restaurant and here I am doing one. As an avid fan of duck, it’s actually not very hard to find decent ducks in Jakarta as I rarely find bad ones here and one of them is this AMAZING duck restaurant that I went to few weeks back called Bebek Malio Tebet.

FEATURED POST: CELEBRATING TIM HO WAN JAKARTA // Tim Ho Wan Singapore at Plaza Singapura

If there's an award for the tardiest food blogger then I'm going to win it! I visited Singapore back in January but I haven't blogged even half of my trip there T__T, the thing is, I travel each and every month and the events in Jakarta are literally each and every week plus advertorial posts in order to keep this blog alive, plus lack of diligence plus whatever...

Senin, 23 Maret 2015


Went to Spumante earlier today after noticing it from Ivy’s blog. Spumante is this newly opened restaurant located in Menteng and exactly beside Anomali coffee shop and not too far from Bunga Rampai.

I was quite impressed already by how they designed exterior, but not so much on the signage, I found that a little too small comparing to the ratio of the building, and God I hope that’s not the final execution. You’ll be greeted by monochrome color (from the window and wall) and the green colored door, but as once I stepped inside, I was even more impressed.

Jumat, 20 Maret 2015


I’ve mentioned so many times how kiasu I can be whenever there are new places opening and I am proud enough to admit that I am one, but Puri - the neighborhood in West Jakarta - is an exception, has never been my favorite area and I tend to be a little careless whenever there are new places opening in Puri, actually the reasons are pretty personal, and when I think about it again and again they’re quite silly. First, it’s kind of far from where I live, but then I realize I would be very happy to drive all the way to Kemang, where in distance comparison, actually further than Puri (I live in West FYI), but the thing that irks me the most, is the fact that Puri’s actually located halfway to my college. For some reasons, I NEVER really like my college moments, my college was like the darkest moments in my life, and in a way, the moments that taught me to keep my head up and freaking face the life, and I have to thank the past as it creates who I am at the moment, the personality that I am VERY VERY GRATEFUL for, almost like a newborn! I think I’m going to need one single post to tell you everything and maybe some time in the future.