Woah I have been writing so many of my Bandung stories that it's almost finished! You can check out the previous posts on the archive and the travel page I am building soon. Anyway, this restaurant was our last stop to have lunch before heading back to Jakarta and recommended by so many of you on Snapchat (if I am not mistaken the top 2 was this and 180 Coffee and Music): WILDGRASS!

Wildgrass is a pretty and posh looking restaurant (totally my kind of place) located in Ciumbuleuit and situated very near to the earlier resident: Miss Bee Providore. The restaurant is owned and managed by Altima Group which also heads famous restaurants like Nanny's Pavillon and Porto (Porto is really delicious I've tried their Gading Serpong branch before and loving it). Appearance wise, it might be the most urban-modern looking restaurant in Bandung to date (Miss Bee, Saka and Vermont are among my favorite design too) and it's a great improvement as I have always loved Bandung F&B scene, not to mention, I love how it's strategically located around this green space and it's really giving me that fresh and earthy vibe, it's almost like a huge home with a park.
Semi-outdoor and outdoor area tour...
The overall interior is industrial-minimalist for sure, I was super fond of mixture of raw earthy elements such as bricks, wood and concrete that combined with the metallic elements, and together they created this vintage moody kind of space. The restaurant has two stories in it with more seats on the second floor and semi-outdoor area for smokers. Wildgrass does not install any air-conditioning in the restaurant and they fully depend on Bandung's chill breeze, and luckily since it rained quite often on my visit, it was indeed a little cool.

Intentional polaroid-like shots hung on the wire-wall

For the food here, they concentrate on serving mainly Western cuisine with some fusion stuff such as Spaghetti Tom Yum and Chicken Wings Terasi. Price range for food starts from IDR 35k-100k and drinks from IDR 15k.

Lembang Sangria - IDR 59k
Apparently, the Sangria was meant to be shared since it came in quite large serving. The Sangria consist of cinnamon tea mixed with cranberry juice, orange juice, soda and fruit slices.
Gorgeous Fries - IDR 35k
It's gorgeous because it's fries and it's a pretty safe light bite. Deep fried shoestring fries with Cajun pepper dressing and lime.
Chicken Wings with Terasi - IDR 45k
This one was one of my favorite menus on the lunch that day for its delicious flavor, the chicken wing was quite common (deep fried), but it's the Terasi sauce dressing that's lifting the flavor, making them tasty and gave a bit of aroma to them.
Tom Yum Pasta - IDR 69k
I was a bit disappointed because the presentation was so much different than the one I saw on their menu (it was so perfectly photographed), I expected a bit difference but not that significant. Anyway, the flavor really saved this pasta as it's quite tasty and salty with bold Tom Yum flavor with chunks of chicken slices and shrimp.
Truffle Pasta - IDR 70k
On the other hand, the truffle pasta actually looked way better than the picture on the menu with more condiments inside that what I initially expected, unfortunately, I couldn't spot the strong truffle aroma and it was too creamy for my liking.
Deconstructed Banoffee Pie - IDR 40k
Dreamland - IDR 37k
It was my friend's order and I did not try it, anyway it came in such pretty presentation tho.
Based on my visit, Wildgrass was fabulous when it comes to their space and atmosphere, while the food was more to the decent category but nowhere near bad. I would be more than happy to recommend you guys to go here and chill with friends, on the day of my visit, the restaurant was super packed (and I heard it has always been like this since the first day), but we didn't really experience such troubling customer service matter nor the food took long to be served.

Jalan Gunung Kareumbi No. 10
Ciumbuleuit - Bandung
Jawa Barat 40141
022 - 8260 2840
Opening hours: 8 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Wild Grass