C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant at Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Got invited to try out Asian Wok promotion by C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta and so excited to try out the menus after! The name tells it all, this restaurant is serving the finest meats and seafood culinary translated into the delicious food made of the finest freshest ingredients as well. This restaurant is very eye catching, located at the fourth floor of Grand Hyatt Jakarta, you'll see around 3.000 bottles of wines displayed from the window glass. The interior of this restaurant is modern classy chic, just awesome for steak dining. If you're with a large group of people, there's also an outdoor area perfect for lunch and dinner.

should be "DANIAL" with an "A".

It was a pretty intimate lunch with Jakarta's lovely food bloggers (whoa), it was a nice lunch date. This time we're invited to try out C's "Asian Wok" menu. The food was in a nutshell, nice, and they keep on flying in even when we're growling (no, we weren't) on the floor because of how fool we are.

So ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelt and let's tour C's Asian Wok Promotion Menu!!!

Amuse Bouche
On the matter of the presentation, this appetizer is so freaking pretty, there were around three portions of Amuse Bouche flying in and each of them was decorated differently. Me loved the wrapped Tuna and the quails!

Spicy Tofu with Vegetables, Chinese Cabbage and Chili
IDR 95k++
It might appear simple but this spicy tofu is just decent! Me loving the smooth tofu and how they collaborate really well with the sauce and the Chinese cabbage! This one is delish!

Frog Legs Sichuan Style
IDR 100k++
Another decent this and this one's also one of my favorite. I love how crunchy the frog legs were! (others prefer to call it "Swikee"). The dressing sauce's also lovely.

Organic Spinach Noodles with Vegetables
IDR 100k++
For a healthier choice and vegans, you can have this as your preference. This one's decent, too!

Kway Teow Seafood with Black Bean Sauce
IDR 115k++

Guess what made me smile about this dish? SCALLOP! Loving the scallops here, well, I mean the seafood! They're very fresh you could tell! Since I am such a Scallop freak this course is accompanied by lovely scallops. The black bean sauce was yummy and coordinates well with the Kway Teow. It's sometimes tricky to cook Kway Teow knowing that it took certain sauce to keep the sauce stick with the layers of Kway Teow. This one delivered that.

Asparagus with Shredded Beef and Oyster Sauce
IDR 125k++
The tenderness of the beef is masterclass! They were juicy  as well. The crunchy asparagus also gave texture to this food when you have it together. Not to mention, the lovely sauce gave a lovely statement. This one is recommended.

Cauliflowers with Shrimp, Ginger and Garlic
IDR 100k++
Gotta give it to the perfect cooking of the Shrimps and for them not to released any distinct smell! You can tell that the seafood used here are fresh. Don't judge its simple presentation, most of the food here were decent :).

Organic Chili Noodles with Minced Beef, Spicy Garlic and Oyster Sauce
IDR 115k++
This was a little spicy but it had such a lovely flavor. The noodle was crunchy and it's claimed to be organic noodle. Loving the minced beef garnish on top. Another top recommended menu from this serie! 

C's Lamb Fried Rice with Chili Condiment and Kerupuk
IDR 485k++
Gotta put this one on the last because I was basically stunned with this dish, especially the price!!! Yes if you're looking once again to the price I typed, it was really IDR 485k++. Even when the chef told me, I was a little shocked but also fortunate that I got the chance to taste the most expensive lamb fried rice I've ever had in my twenty two years of living! Okay here's the deal, not only the most expensive, this one is also THE BEST LAMB FRIED RICE I'VE EVER HAD. PERIOD! They're importing premium lambs from Australia and used in the cooking process. The meat was very tender and not smelly at all!

As in quality, I have no negatives to say and nothing to compromise. This portion fits maximum three people, and maybe more if you're willing to share the delicacy of this course. I am now officially obessed, oops, OBSESSED with this! The statement is: it will take you a little fortunate to taste this premium dining experience.

Fried Mantau
Another not-to-miss when you're here, the fried mantaus were very very very good! Just look at that golden crispy fried Mantaus, I wanna cut them open and bite them non-stop (drama).

Ice Creams
Thumbs up for these ice creams, happened to taste them all and they were great! Everything was in a sudden my favorite and I was torn up to choose my favorite among all. Recommended the Raspberry and the Truffle ice creams <3.


The food was lovely, the gathering was rather fast (regarding it was on lunch time and some bloggers are working in the office) but warm. The Asian Wok serie was worth the try. Back to the Lamb Fried Rice, now the question is: "are you willing to pay that much to have this fried rice?". To be honest, if I have a little fortune to sweep away my curiosity, I WILL! Trust me, it's really good!

The Asian Wok series from C's Grand Hyatt will end on September 29th, so you still have around one week to fulfill your craving for premium Asian cuisine, also with premium ingredients and fresh live seafood on trays!


C's Steak and Seafood Restaurant || WEBSITE | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
4th fl. Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350
021 - 2992 1234
Lunch time: 12.00 - 15.00
Dinner time: 18:00 - 20.30

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