The brown sugar milk drink is by far THE MOST happening F&B trend this year, more and more foreign brands are opening (and I heard more, soon) and to be frank, I am excited HAHA!

One of the many foreign brands that are opening here is One Zo, a bubble tea drink brand that's originated from Taiwan and they emphasize their brown sugar milk tea as the main star here! They open their first outlet in Aeon Mall BSD and located inside the Food Culture area (Aeon's food court on G floor).
Left: Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea - IDR 39k (L), Right: Dirty Brown Sugar Milk- IDR 48k (L)
Call me lucky because apparently on the precise time of my visit the bubble master from Taiwan was there and he did this live bubble making process so all the passing guests can experience with their own eyes the behind the scenes of their iconic boba production! Everything's made from scratch, they use only natural ingredients for coloring (from real fruits) and the process below was the MARVEL inspired bubble as by the time this post is written, the Avengers End Game is coming real soon on theatres!
Wrapped before adapting to the room temperature and chilled for a bit..
 The bubble machine!
 ...if I'm not mistaken I think the overall process took around 20-30 minutes, it's the cooking process that took longer because they want to make sure the bubble had the right moisture and texture! One thing for sure I HIGHLY APPRECIATE the fact that they make their own bubble, I just think it's cool!
Anyway talk about bubbles they have four kinds of bubbles here, yes FOUR kinds and each made from different ingredient: Brown Sugar (IDR 7k), Black Sesame (IDR 7k), Crystal (IDR 5k), and Mango Bubble (IDR 7k)
Clockwise: Mango Milkshake, Wintermelon-Lemon, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk
If you ask me to name my favorite, before that let me tell you that I love both of the drinks (milk tea/milk version), I found them to be equally nice and enjoyable, and DELICIOUS! The milk version is of course creamier without being overly milky, but since I am more of a milk tea guy, I like the milk tea better, because I just love when milk and tea meet together, there's this beautiful balance of milk & tea and really they make good couple! I did a bit of experiment and actually ordered one more Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea with 50% sugar and here's my take: the normal sugar (100%) has this wonderful balance and gave this "creamier" texture that I find entertaining to my palate, but the 50% has the amount of sugar that I like but not as creamy as the standard serving, so really it's your call! Both are good in my opinion.
The Wintermelon-Lemon drink (IDR 39k - L) is lacking this lemon flavor and I only got the sweet Wintermelon and I found it a bit too sweet so I might pass on that one, however the Mango Milkshake is DELICIOUS, again a tad too sweet (and believe me I have passed what I feel about it to the staffs there and the owner happened to be there asking for my two cents) but spot on creaminess and mango flavor!
They gave me two more drinks for me to try: Italian Cocoa Latte (IDR 44k - L), Taro Milk Tea (IDR 33k - L), I love the chocolate drink! I don't myself hard to be entertained by chocolate drinks, just please avoid cheap tasting chocolate and business owners should be sensitive about that! If you can't differentiate cheap and premium chocolate then I can't do much to help you really, and theirs defo don't taste cheap with smooth aftertaste (not gritty), the Taro Milk Tea is also enjoyable, but tastes just common, like ones you can find elsewhere, it's exactly the same.
Their Dirty Brown Sugar series is definitely one of the best that I've had in town! I had zero complaint about that, I love the sweetness, the creaminess and on top of all, the chewiness of the bubble!!! Other drinks that I recommend would be the Mango Milkshake, the Italian Cocoa Drink and maybe you can explore more as they have quite a few options! Price wise they're above their peers, but if they promise to keep up with the quality, I would be very glad, especially since people have been tagging me NON-STOP, literally and I mean LITERALLY every single day since I first posted about this! That makes me happy and I love you!

Thank you for reading, I am counting the days to Tiger Sugar's opening!

One Zo
Food Culture - Aeon Mall BSD
Jalan BSD Raya Utama
Tangerang 15345
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 80k


Map for Aeon BSD

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