Japanese cuisine will always have a special place in my heart, and just for so many reasons, but out of the many, one has got to be how the best things are best enjoyed raw and sometimes they're so raw and fresh they just speak for themselves! Out of the many Japanese restaurants opening in Jakarta, one of my top favorites at the moment has got to be Sushi Matsu, they recently opened their second outlet, following the elder, existing and successful first outlet in Menteng!

Their second outlet is located at Jalan Suryo, precisely next to Okuzono restaurant! The interior is very simple, neat and just proper, overall still with touches of Japanese details here and there.
I was invited to come to the bloggers gathering event some time ago, but I have to be frank and tell you guys that I didn't manage to try everything because there were many bloggers coming that day, so I am just going to highlight some of my personal favorites that I managed to dig in! As the name suggests, SUSHI Matsu definitely focuses in serving sushi creations and fresh sashimi, but they also have a lot of non-sushi & sashimi menus like teppanyaki, donburi, noodles (ramen/udon), gyukatsu and more!

Ika Mentaiyaki - IDR 98k
Grilled squid with mentai sauce, might be a simple appetizer but it's actually packed with flavors, the generous mentai sauce was bold and tasty, enhancing but balancing in the same time.
Aburi Sushi Mori Matsu - IDR 178k
This is the platter of some of their best-selling torched sushi, and in frame there are 8: Salmon, Salmon Mentai, Ika, Shimaaji, Otoro, Tuna, Ebi, Ebi Mentai & Unagi! Tried some of them and they were pretty much BOMBS! Again, the ingredient spoke for themselves, the sashimi was already fresh, they lightly glazed the surface with the homemade sauce, some with additional toppings and carefully torched! 
Unagi & Otoro
Otoro (Fatty Tuna)
Shimaaji (White Trevally)
Ika (Squid)
Hana Sushi - IDR 148k
Here you can also customize your own sushi stairs and sushi house (and they're famous for that), with minimum purchase of 4 sushis, but this time we got the Hana Sushi with 5 kinds of their beautiful sushi like the followings that you'll be seeing: there's one with aburi salmon and spicy mentai, beef sushi, and one with scallop! These are like burst of flavor and meant to be eaten as a whole!
Seafood Butter - IDR 138k
Another one that I found stood out from the crowd was their Seafood Butter, basically cooked seafood with butter sauce! First, the butter sauce: fragrant, savory, nicely salty just how I imagined it before digging in, secondly, the seafood: the shrimp was fresh, scallop was juicy and naturally sweet, squid was nicely tender and the cod was soft! 
Truffle Gyudon with Onsen Egg & Garlic Chips - IDR 98k
This is their non-seafood dish and this is almost like this staple menu that most Japanese restaurants in Jakarta needs to have, however, each restaurant delivers it quite differently, and Sushi Matsu's rendition of gyudon's pretty satisfying: proper seasoning, overall flavorful and aromatic, perfectly cooked beef (medium), mandatory runny egg and crispy garlic chips for texture. Nothing to hate really.

Dry Ramen with extra Salmon Topping - IDR 58k+30k, IDR 88k
I found the texture of the ramen pleasing, but a little more kick of savory and salty to it would make me love this even more, the salmon was fresh and juicy, mandatory to have that with the ramen! They also have other toppings like Scallop (IDR 35k), Gyuniku (beef - IDR 25k), Ebi (IDR 25k), Soft Shell Crab (IDR 30k), Mushrooms (IDR 20k)
Bara Chirasi - IDR 138k
As much as I wanted to love this, I didn't try this at all, just posting it because it looks so pretty! From what I saw the chirasi has toppings like unagi, cubed kani, tamago, raw salmon, tuna, white trevally, shrimp, with additional ebiko and tobiko topping!

Gyukatsu Matsuyaki - IDR 158k
I didn't expect much from this at first, somehow I didn't see any marbling from the beef, but as it's cooked and slowly appear to be super aromatic, it started to show its charm LOL, gotta appreciate the hot stone for distributing the nice amount of heat because I found that's the little detail that's missed by some restaurants, sometimes the pan can overheat that it started to smoke a lot and left this bitter flavor on the meat and my palate! Sushi Matsu's version of gyukatsu is enjoyable!
Shiok Maki (4 pcs - IDR 68k, 8 pcs - IDR 128k)
Indeed, it was a SHIOK moment for me because this was good! Wonderfully simple with unagi, avocado, cucumber, mentai and salmon tobiko mixed sauce! Flavor flavor flavor!!!
Their famous sushi house!
Update: came back here two days ago because I was craving for good Japanese dinner, particularly thought about Chirasi and I remember their Chirasi was so freaking good (intermezzo to the one that I had at their Menteng outlet), initially wanted to have the Chirasi only but ended up with 6 dishes LOL, some are ones that I posted above (so I didn't take any pic), but now showing you some of the menus that I never had before (or shown before) for the dinner!

Sashimi Mori Matsu - IDR 168k
5 kinds of sashimi, each served two so we had 10 on the platter! There were Salmon, Tuna, Hokkigai (Surf Clamp), Ika and Hamachi (Japanese Amberjack), everything was fresh and delightful!
Matsu Chirasi - IDR 178k
EXACTLY what I had imagined for dinner that night: assorted (9 kinds) sashimi on bed of rice! This was SO GOOD and fresh I'm gonna cryyy now typing this and freaking hungryyyyyyy!!! The cuts were even, the otoro was surely the bad ass BOMB, but overall, satisfying! I would actually pay more than IDR 178k to be frank with you.
Sushi Matsu has always been consistent with their performance, went here 4 times already and never left disappointed, easily one of my most favorite casual Japanese restaurants in town, and compared to their peers, one of the best for sure!

Sushi Matsu Senopati
Jalan Suryo No. 2
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12180
021 - 5203 062
Opening hours:
11 AM-3 PM (lunch)
6 PM-11 PM (dinner)
Average spending for two: IDR 400k


Map for Sushi Matsu Senopati

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