Le Quartier Jakarta

This new joint in Gunawarman caught my attention from the very first time it's being introduced to the public in late July, and I knew I need to go here, and a few days ago, together with Aline from Foolosophy, we feasted up here. This post was actually a back to back with my previous post, before we're having our dinner here, we went to Cacaote Senopati to fulfil our sweet tooth cravings before becoming baboons. We had our dinner at 10 freaking PM! I'm sorry tummy. Happy feelings don't always mean a happy belly (read: fat) *stressed*

Anyway, Le Quartier which by the way means "The Neighborhood" is a french restaurant with the concept of casual fine dining. This restaurant's found by Chris Janssens, a restaurateur who also owns Ninety Nine Cafe and Cassis.

Since we went here by night, I couldn't give you a clear view of the exterior, but getting here's not hard at all. You'll see a pretty huge "Le Quartier" signboard, also blue and white color blocking house-like building. It's just beside the Loobie Lobster if you're aware of that. If you don't then turn on your freaking GPS and stop being lazy *sarcastic*.

The interior rings vintage with a touch of modern and you'll notice predominantly wood material from the chairs and the tables, and there's also chandeliers to keep the elegance alive. The ambiance during the night was mild and lovely. I guess it's perfect for dinner time with your loved ones.

Complimentary Bread
The complimentary bread made such a perfect lover to the courses we ordered. They're coming real soon!

The Olive oil was really fragrant and the butter just melts in your mouth. Pleasure for the mouth. Love!

Iced Pomelo and Lychee Soda
IDR 38k (before tax)
A refreshing drink for the night. Shoulda ordered a nice warm drink because the place's really cold during the night, especially the restroom. Man, the restroom's decorated to be hotel like and it even has air-conditioning inside the restroom.

Butterflied Chicken (served with Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Tomatoes, Eggplants)
IDR 116k
Can I just cut the crap and say that this is probably one of the yummiest chicken course I've had ever? Everything about it's such a perfection! The tenderness of the meat, the roasted sides, the seasoning, the sauce, everything is just lovely. For a 116k, this worths every peny and even still worth it if it's a little more expensive. FYI this is a large portion (whole chicken), you can share up to three people. Worth it eh?!

Pan Seared Barramundi
IDR 116k
Also on the same price and the same awesomeness. This highly recommended menu is such a lovely course. The Barramundi's really fresh, cooked perfectly without any fishy stink anywhere around, and the skin's cooked to be very crisp. The sauce used here, hmm, didn't think of anything better than this yet. Not only pretty looking but it's a total foodgasm!

I was super satisfied by my visit to Le Quartier. Sure will be coming back for lunch. My standard of satisfaction is if I can both have a wonderful lunch and dinner, as well as having the ambiance of having lunch and dinner, trust me, the vibe is different... and if matters, capturing it. Will I recommend this? Sure do! Don't hesitate coming here, won't regret it, well, at least if you happen to choose what I chose LOL :).

Shoo for now! Thanks for reading!!!

Le Quartier French Restaurant || WEBSITE | FACEBOOK
Jl. Gunawarman No. 34
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
021 - 7278 8001

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  1. Halo hans. Review restaurant kunskring, dapur babah, shanghai blue dan lara jonggrang donk. Tmptnya unik bgt.