Union Jakarta Cronuts: Flaky Donuts!

Ever since the first Cronut experience back in Mandarin Oriental, I am still in search of Cronuts in Jakarta. The invasion of this hip food is driving me nuts!

Nowadays, a lot of restaurants in Jakarta has been releasing their versions of Cronuts and one of them is Union Jakarta. I bet this upscale restaurant needs no introduction, they're known for their fabulous cakes. Hands down! So I paid a visit a while ago to try their version of Cronut! And oh, their version of Cronuts are called "The Flaky Donuts".

Just like its Red Velvet, back in the early days of the release of Union's famous Red Velvet Cake, the queue was insane and sometimes it's even sold out for days! I bet the same thing's happening to this cronut. I have received tweets from my Twitter followers saying that Union's "Flaky Donuts" are mostly sold out in just hours and I received various information about the release hour, some said it's on 2 PM, others claiming it's around 3 or 4 PM, so I can't give you the exact information to that.

I bet I am one of the luckiest dudes in the world for always making it on the last minutes because by the time I visited Union, there were two flaky donuts left and I overheard a costumer saying to his friend that he wanted to take two, so I smarten up and ask the waiter to get it to me quicker! Suck on that I won!

So, as you can see above, that's Union's "Flaky Donut". I ordered the Cinnamon and Sugar and I gotta say that it does look a lot flakier than the one in Mandarin Oriental.
Union's Flaky Donut is slightly bigger and taller than MO's. It might look a lot simple and plain than MO's but they cooked this Flaky Donut smartly, because I love the fact that the each layers of the cronut is not sticky to one another, that's the science logic of it, well at least for me, I like it that way. It's crunchy on the shell and smooth on the inside, when I chew it, it feels like I'm actually eating like a regular donut.

Surprisingly, with the most simple ingredients such as sugar and cinnamon, for me, the flavor is sorta rich! You can feel that explosion of flavors in your mouth and you got the texture as well, both from the flaky donut and the sprinkles of sugar.
Union's Flaky Donut is available on three flavors, each retailed on IDR 42k (after tax), almost twice more expensive than MO's. By the time I visited, only this flavor left and there's two of it (just like the folklore I lulabbi-ed above). Surely going back to try the other flavors. Overall, this Flaky Donut is great, especially for the fact that this is really simple! However, I find MO's to be more interesting due to that unforgettable Vanilla cream *drool*.

Still on the hunts of the Cronuts in Jakarta. If you have recommendations, tell me! I heard Publico's awesome. Can't wait to taste it! This ain't over yet!!!