Makna Coffee is a new venture by Makna Creative, which is a creative studio owned by Ernanda Putra and Keenan Pearce. Just earlier today I managed to visit this coffee shop which just opened yesterday (August 9th 2017) in Kuningan City and today they're having a IDR 20k flat for all coffee. I got the Iced Cappuccino for me and not sure whether it was pretty packed the time of my visit that they made the coffee with such pace but the coffee had this burnt taste to it leaving a rough aftertaste on my palate, but was it horrible? Not at all. I believe they can do better and I need more future visits too.

Anyway they have limited seating capacity outside the coffee shop, and I think the coffee shop's meant more for take away (aka Grab and Go), the coffee shop also shares the same space with the Makna Creative office which guests can't freely go in and out, but can definitely peek inside through the glass wall and the connecting door. I didn't take any pictures of the space I honestly tend to get lazy when a restaurant/cafe/coffee shop is crowded.
Makna Coffee
Kuningan City GF
Jalan Prof. DR. Satrio No. Kav. 18 RT.14/04
Karet, Jakarta Selatan 12940
Opening hours: 7 AM-10 PM


Map for Kuningan City

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