More and more new places are opening, well that's just how the business goes, but can't deny at the same time I am getting more aware and the F&B competition in town is a crazy battlefield, especially when it comes to Japanese restaurants (and yes I hope everyone's doing good). Anyway, welcoming the new kid at Kelapa Gading Boulevard of feast: a new Japanese restaurant that's ready to fulfil your craving of fresh sushi and sashimi: SUSHI NARA!

Personally, getting here was barely a chore as you only need to take the left turn from the roundabout then go straight and it will be on the left side before reaching the peak of the road. The sushi place is definitely not spacious, nor it's decorated fancily, but it's pretty comfy to dine here, I mean after all you're here to eat not to chill, work on your stuff and drink refillable ocha (well maybe you can but my common sense says no!).
Imma skip on the interior details and focus more to the food! Having the word "Sushi" on their name means they're emphasizing sushi as their main 'attraction' here but expect to find various non-sushi creations like sashimi, chirasi don, maki, temaki, agemono, assorted donburi, gunkan, grilled beef and more ala cartes! The range of the food here is pretty wide and there's a lot to consider and I notice the pricing was actually not pretty bad, price range for food here is around IDR 25k-IDR 150k! Random time, but I really do like the food photography in their menu, so beautifully styled and captured.

QUICK TIP! RECOMMENDED TO COME ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS because that's when they are restocking the ingredients and you can expect fresher sashimi. I was lucky I came yesterday for lunch because all of the salmon dishes that I had were beautiful!

Special Nara Hana - IDR 52k
A vice-versa combo depending on what you fancy: tuna topped with salmon or salmon topped tuna. I personally like the salmon topped with tuna better as I am an avid fan of salmon but both were equally fresh tho.
Aburi Salmon Onsen Tamago - IDR 28k
Two slices of aburi salmon wrapping the rice topped with onsen tamago (Japanese style soft boiled egg) and spring onion, it would be perfect to have everything on a single bite for that eggplotion, oozing goodness, burst of flavor and texture on that one bite! #foodgasm
Wagyu Salmon Hana - IDR 46k
Recommending this for you who fancy beef sushi, aburi beef topped with aburi salmon, mayo, ikura and spring onion, another one with burst of flavor and texture on each bite, they carefully torched the beef and salmon that yoiu're getting this beautiful smokey aroma on your bite (instead of burnt).
Aburi Salmon Sushi
Fresh ingredient is always the key to good aburi salmon and their version of aburi salmon sushi was pretty good, smooth, velvety salmon with generous sauce dressing, nothing to hate.
Mix Carpaccio
Their version of carpaccio is Aburi style where they torched the fish for a bit then serve it on top of the soysauce, then topped with mayo, salmon roe and microgreens dressing.
Aburi Kagoshima Beef with Foie Gras and Ikura - IDR 78k
without Foie Gras - IDR 48k
This was one of my personal favorites from everything on my table that day, first of all, DO NOT SHARE this as the whole serving is meant for personal (at least for me), the tender-juicy beef was so beauitfully cooked and seasoned, and I honestly think the Foie Gras add on is worth it as you're getting this additional buttery texture from the Foie Gras (and oh that - funky in a good way - Foie Gras flavor) and I gotta give credit to them as from my experience visiting the other sushi houses on the same league as them, Sushi Nara's Foie Gras was so far the best cooked, it's just so velvety creamy and melt in your mouth, unlike those that I found in the other sushi houses where it's thicker on the outside and didn't melt in my mouth like it did here.
Wagyu Truffle Don
Maybe I must have skipped on the name as the moment I am typing this I just realized that it's actually a Wagyu Truffle Don, the whole time I thought it was Wagyu Don. I didn't catch any aroma or truffle flavor but the Wagyu was honestly BOMB, it was nicely cooked, rightly seasoned without being too much (and thank God it's not saucy as I really dislike saucy gyudon aka expensive protein don) and still giving some space for the natural beef flavor to be sensed by my palate, and again no complaints with the generous Foie Gras: BUTTERY AF! Aside from the lacking of Truffle oil dressing, I really had nothing bad to say about this.
Salmon Chirasi Don - IDR 145k
Say hello to my FAVORITES AMONG FAVORITES! Their Salmon Chirasi Don is seriously the one that you HAVE TO order here. First of all, the beautiful presentation! They do know how to plate and secondly, everything you're seeing on the bowl! I really do hope I'm not just lucky, as much as I hope that they continuously keep up with the freshness of their ingredient here! I think this time my picture did give you a visual on how fresh the salmon is, it's just so silky, fresh and smooth! Light glaze of soy is applied to the salmon for that little hint of salty, then the onsen tamago, and everything topped on this Japanese rice.
For the Nigiri Moriawase, it's served on this beautiful little wood bridge that I've seen on another sushi restaurant in town and they generally offer two kinds of the 'more complete' options like the Nigiri Moriawase (IDR 220k) which consists of Sushi Hirame, Salmon, Maguro, Kanpachi, Salmon Belly, Chuka Wakame, Chuka Idako, Otoro, Tamago, Ama Ebi, Hotate, Chutoro and Tako! If you fancy their raw options then go opt for their Sashimi Moriawase (IDR 340k) which consists of Salmon, Maguro, Tamago, Otoro, Chutoro, Salmon Belly, Ama Ebi, Tako, Kanpachi, Kinmedai and Uni. I had some of the Ala Carte options of Nigiri here (photo below) like Salmon, Maguro, Salmon Belly, Hotate, Kanpachi and Tamago - personalized ala carte starts from IDR 18k-IDR 78k (Uni being the most expensive).
Salmon Special Roll
Last but not least, another one that's good (but unfortunately my heart's already stolen by the Salmon Chirasi): Salmon Special Roll! Really nothing to dislike, a serving of 8 that's perfect for sharing (or if you can take everything then everything for you), generous mayo dressing, fresh ingredient, just simple and enjoyable.
Their biggest rival has got to be Sushi Hiro as both are located in Kelapa Gading and I must be totally honest and say that they both are very close in terms of quality, and to keep it fair I like some menus better in Nara and some in Hiro (even though range wise, Hiro has way more options) and it's yours to decide which one you like better. If you're sick of the waiting list in Hiro and craving for something that's close to what they have in store, Nara is the more affordable but very close quality to what Hiro offers! I really do hope they'll be packed this weekend! Welcome to the jungle Sushi Nara, wishing you the best of luck!

Sushi Nara
Jalan Boulevard Raya Blok QJ5 No. 24
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240
021 - 2245 7055
Opening hours: 11 AM-2:30 PM, 5:30 PM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Sushi Nara

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