One time on my early blogging days, an online shop approached me on email wanting to send me their products, I agreed, the goodies got delivered and they were one of the best molten chocolate cakes I've ever had, and soon enough I grew my love for DCL Cake, or currently better known as Moivel Cakes.

You might find me exaggerating, but I was really glad to know that they finally have their own physical outlet, an island store on the fourth floor of Emporium Mall Pluit, around the food court area and the escalator. Here they displayed their awesome looking molten cakes, cheesecakes, homemade drinks, and what I would emphasize and highlight on this post: their COMBO DRINKS! More about that below.
If you're a first timer to this brand and previously haven't heard anything about DCL or Moivel, well let me guide you through. They started the business by selling their rich and flavorful chocolate molten cakes using high quality products (bitch I can tell), it was this chocolate below:
Original Chocolate - IDR 25k
...and soon they're expanding the range of flavors to 7 existing flavors: Original, Xtra Dark, Mocha, Green Tea, Thai Tea, Salted Caramel and Lemon - all priced at IDR 25k each (as this post is written). The cakes consist of three layers: chocolate sponge cake coating the custard filling in the center and topped with flavored cream depending on the flavor. What I love the most about their cakes is how it's super versatile and you can have them either when it's right off the chiller or after you heated them with the oven (15-20 second suggested time in 180 degree) and not to mention: they are preservative free with no artifical coloring and no buttercream used.
Recently, they launched their latest products and combining both of their best products: the cakes + their homemade drinks! They call it THE DRINKS COMBO! There are three default combos: Thai Tea Combo, Chocolate Combo and Coffee Combo, but actually customers are more than welcome to customize the drinks with whatever cakes from the 7 available flavors that they want. For example, I can definitely mix the Thai Tea drink with the Lemon or Matcha or Salted Caramel cake, the default serving is their suggestion.

All the drink combo is topped with whipped cream + chocolate sauce as well!
Thai Tea Combo - IDR 40k
Their Thai Tea combo might be my most favorite combination! First of all, I found their homemade thai tea drink to be very delicious, my main standard for good thai tea is that the red tea flavor should surface on each sip and overall creamy without overpowering your palate and being overly sweet, and they have all the criteria that I wanted, and adding it with their awesome thai tea cake just made it better, and after all the sweet-goodness, overall I didn't find this too sweet for my liking and that much of a guilty pleasure for the body, well still but not that insane. Good job!
Thai Tea Combo & Chocolate Combo
Chocolate Combo
Their Chocolate combo is another personal favorite of mine, the chocolate drink was perfectly creamy with well-balanced sweetness, and such a hit with the chocolate cake (I suggest Xtra Dark), if you fancy chocolate drinks then go for this one.
Coffee Combo
The coffee was creamy & medium-bodied and to me, best served with their mocha chocolate molten cake.
O-Cheesecake & O-Choco Cheesecake - IDR 28k
For those who fancy cheesecake creations, they also have moist sponge cheesecake creations, as someone who's not a crazy fan of cheese (you know me), I found the cake to be pretty delicious without tasting overly cheesy.

Moivel Cakes
Emporium Mall Pluit 4th fl.
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya
Jakarta Utara 14440
0813 - 8237 - 3334
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: none


Map for Emporium Pluit Mall

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