Hello from Bali! Just this week alone I have been travelling to three different destinations but as usual, Bali will always be my resort to release all the stress and find inner peace while eating good food, sleeping around being lazy in my villa and occasional cafe hopping. I am currently typing this post in my gorgeous private villa at Four Seasons (not showing off well a bit :P). I have always been a huge-huge fan of Four Seasons properties and I am so excited to share my experience staying here for you guys so stay tuned!
So I got the info from a friend of mine who told me that there was a new coffee shop opening precisely beside my all time favorite Seminyak cafe: Sisterfields. It happens that one of the owners of this coffee shop is also Sisterfield's owner, but you can't exactly say that this coffee shop is by Sisterfields. Expat Roasters was not exactly spacious and more to the petite category, but I love how this coffee shop looks! There is still an ongoing construction mainly on the top part of the shop, but overall I like just how clean yet unfinished look with a touch of minimalist and industrial vibe to it, and as expected, ojnce you stepped inside, you'll be greeted first with the lingering smell of coffee. Beautiful.

Here they roast their own coffee beans, and according to the barista, their house blend is Sumatera Aceh Gayo so expect to find bodied and acidic coffee. Range of the coffee options were quite common like White, Black, V60 Filter, Cold Brew, they also have Teas, Chai, Matcha & Chocolate drink selections with average price of IDR 35k, along with small range of pastries. Anyway, their White drinks are available in regular and large size with IDR 10k price gap only, IDR 15k will be charged if you fancy changing the full cream milk to Bonsoy (yayness they have bonsoy here!)

Soycap - IDR 52k (Cappuccino with soymilk)
Incase you wonder why my coffee is a bit messy, well I took this picture at their outdoor area and just when I opened the door while still holding my backpack and my camera bag on the other hand, my hand fuckin slipped, but anyway I honestly like how the coffee turned out, the mess made the coffee even more appetizing to my eye and at least there's still a bit of latte art left. I had their soy cappuccino (regular size - IDR 55k) and it was pretty light & nice with clean finish and nice washed out acid body character, while I honestly like Revolver's soycap version better, this was nowhere near bad.
If you're planning to have breakfast/brunch/lunch at Sisterfields, you might consider having their coffee here then proceed to have the brunch. To be completely honest, I like their coffee, I love the friendly service, but I had this love-hate issue with the location, well I am totally glad that it's located just beside Sisterfields making the empire seemed bigger (not to mention Bo$$man), but their existence might be a tad overshadowed by the big player which Revolver is that's located around the area, and you can't deny that they're good and highly well known by almost anyone, but confidence is the key and I feel that in them (after all why should be intimidated?), best of luck and continue to keep up the good performance!

EXPAT. Roasters
Jl. Kayu Cendana Blok C003
Seminyak, Bali 80361
Opening Hours: 7 AM - 5 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 100k
Dresscode: none


Map for Sisterfields (Expat is beside)