Initially did not want to blog about this because I don't think it's something that's blog worthy, but A LOT of you from Snapchat continuously ask me to blog about it so I think this is going to be a short and HONEST review of the newly launched KFC Hot & Cheesy Chicken, which is currently the biggest talk of the town.
You can purchase the chicken individually ala carte (IDR 17k) but they actually sell this seasonal menu in a package they called "Hot and Cheesy Chicken" set which consist of one cheese sauce coated fried chicken + one rice and one cheesy float retailed for IDR 33k. I don't even want to talk about the float because it's a freaking epic fail, the thought of adding cheese sauce to your drink already grossed the hell out of me.

I uploaded the float pic on my Snapchat and 99.9% (or let's make it 100%) of the people leaving the comments seemed to agree with me. My lovely KFC can do better!

Hot and Cheesy Chicken Set + 1 ala carte chicken = IDR 53k (after tax)
No issue with the meat, it's still well seasoned and tender.
So is KFC's newest product a success or an epic fail? Well that's relative and everyone's entitled to their opinion, but to me, it ain't working because first, I am not a big fan of cheese (but I did finish half of the chicken breast), the cheese was generous and it was overall VERY cheesy, but it really washed all the prime characteristic that should not be erased from KFC, it's the aromatic and crispiness of it. Unfortunately to me, the cheese sauce overshadowed everything and it kinda bloated me after finishing half of it.

It's such an eye candy when you see them flooding your Instagram feed, but flavor wise they can do better. I love you and you still make the best fried chickens for me, but sorry KFC I'm not a big fan of this one.
Short to say, for this kind of product, I think I am team Richeese! Who's with me?

I honestly think fried salted egg sauce will do better, I already had the picture in mind and I believe it's going to be damn good. They should really consider and release it one day? :)


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  1. I have been using your blog as a guide to know where to eat next or what's popular in town at the moment. thank you for reviewing the kfc cheesy chicken....good thing I haven't bought them yet lol sounds like I might regret it. plus, who puts cheese in a drink? that's nasty :(

  2. I totally agree! There's no point of them making this, other than jump on the bandwagon with Richeese. I wish their grilled chicken stayed. It was so much better.