Went to this new joint in Senopati just earlier today and couldn't wait to blog about this to y'all! I've told you guys so many times how I've always loved meetings! The thing is, my kind of meeting is actually very berry casual: Casual outfit, casual conversation, maybe not always casual dining *put my shades on*.

So I was surfing Senopati, initially had some business to do in Crematology and you know (or don't know), that feeling when you see a new place and you get very excited to try it and you want to be the first people to try and blog about it before anybody else does it HAHAHA and suck on that bitches here I am! My business partner asked to meet me (FYI I am preparing something I couldn't wait to share to you all very very soon!) and he asked me to pick any restaurant, so I kinda take a little advantage (in a good way) from it and chose "3 Wise Monkeys".

Posh and minimalist!
I bet after you see the two photos above you'd be surprise that they are actually a Japanese restaurant, and this restaurant is under the same group that manages Liberica Coffee! At the first glance I thought it's going to be just another western cuisine with so so food but decent place, and along with my assumption and their anti-mainstream design, I got even more curious!
The interior of the restaurant was simple, clean, sophisticated, a little industrial but just proper without so many confusing details. For some reasons and with a little change on the design, I think they could also do a very good job as a coffee shop. They have two floors: the first floor was the non-smoking area while the second floor was the bar and the smoking area (yes they have mini bar) just in case you're curious to try their signature cocktails. For some reasons, the layout of the second floor looked more like a comfortable lounge and bar with the sofas and couches, however, the first floor could accomodate more people. In total, 3 Wise Monkeys could accomodate up to 100 people.
Love the bulbs!
Communal table or groupies HA!
The sushi bar area
The bar area on the second floor.
After that one cup of coffee I had in Crematology, I found myself still a little full and my partner wasn't really hungry, so we ordered two of their recommended dishes and share. From the quick scan of their menu, their menu was quite okay but their emphasize more on their Sushi creations - as raved by the waiters too -. I eventually opted for their Shoyu Butter Beef set (IDR 100k) and Crispy Salmon Skin Roll (IDR 40k). The set came with rice, Miso soup and Cawanmushi. I honestly think their set was worth it. The beef was very well seasoned and glazed in shoyu butter sauce, and the consistency of the beef was tender and medium well. The only downside was the fact that the beef was served cool instead of hot or warm. The rice should be better if they used the stickier type of rice and I had no problem with the lovely Cawanmushi and soup.

Crispy Salmon Skin Roll
IDR 40k
This particular dish was also good, however I was expecting more generous amount of crispy salmon skin! Aside form that, I had no issue with the texture of rice (I don't know if they're using the same kind of rice for the set menu but this one felt different and better!), the seasoning, the mayo dressing and the other condiments such as crab sticks and cucumber.

Still, on this state, I found myself a little early and premature to judge the restaurant's overall performance as I only ordered two meals and Ocha (so goddamn basic), but based on my experience, the food was quite decent and the pricing was still reasonable and affordable, they have this set that cost IDR 300k and I almost ordered that but assuming it would be more (as in portion and premium), well maybe next time!

I still need that extra factor beside my curiosity to come back and try more of their dishes. They're just opening for almost two weeks and they're still not busy, but I believe (since it's located in Senopati), they would have more visitors coming! Jakartans are very-very curious you know *smirk*.

Thanks for reading and come bring your ass here to try! kthxbye!

3 Wise Monkeys
Jalan Suryo No. (Across Crematology Coffee Roasters)
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan 12180
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM (Daily) - CURRENTLY
Pricing: $$, IDR 250


Map for Crematology Coffee Roasters

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  1. Gue juga penasaran sama tempat ini, udah pede aje kirain coffee shop, taunya bukan...

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