Thank you for your support so far on the previous Free Curve Sunday giveaways and the number of downloads was *ahem* unbebloodylivable! More than 4000 downloads for both Blutro and Poppylove! Hence I get more and more excited to be more creative with the color play and I sincerely love to help you enhance your beautiful photos.

I am doing a little change here, from weekly to bi-weekly, I just feel like I have to keep the excitement going and indeed I want more time in-between one another to create the "it" color.

The love for colors started on my high school days when I got more attached and my relationship with internet was starting to evolve, but that was before I knew what "stalking" was - and sort of my ultimate purposes using internet lately -. I started to open various photographers websites and absolutely in love with their colors and tones. I love how each photographers has their own uniqueness and personalities with their color boards, tones and feel to it and I feel like they all inspired me.

I wouldn't say that I have specific inspiration and my style pretty much changes depending on the photos or where I've been to. Like when I got back from London I knew how I was going to edit the photos, it's almost like I have it in my brain before I was actually in front of my laptop. But apparently you don't always stuck with one single thought, when you're in front of the laptop, you can probably change what you already have in mind and started creating different tones and mood. I love the beauty of it!

This week's free curve Sunday is called "Amnethyst", I know you're probably skipping the words as you can't wait to click on the "download here" but Amnethyst is one of my current favorites! The effect will create the underexposured, warm, classic tone mixed with a little faded effect. The crossed curves will create this fashionable contrast. I would say it's perfect for sunset photos, backlight photos or photos taken in forest and beaches with natural daylight.
 Photo credit: I've something to tell you
 Photo credit: I've something to tell you

If you have any difficulties with the link, please let me know!



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