One Fifteenth (1/15) Coffee Jakarta

It was Sunday, I had a meeting with my client at Gandaria City and I remember vividly that I only had around 5 hours to sleep on the previous day and I was super sleepy and all that I could think of was and coffee... Somehow my memory brought me back to the old conversation with my blogger partner-in-crime, Aline about this hip coffee shop called One Fifteenth Coffee in Gandaria neighborhood so I wasted no time contacting her and went there together to kill the sleepiness.

My first impression stepping in to One Fifteenth: MY DREAM COFFEE SHOP! If I have the chance to build my own coffee shop, One Fifteenth was maybe 80% of what I have always had in mind! White color majority, earthy materials like woods and cement and the perfect lighting for the day because they're using the window glass everywhere! Loving the light here during the day... fabulous one!

I noticed a lot of coffee utilities and suddenly assuming that this is a one serious coffee shop! The branding itself was also strong.
I didn't manage to try out their food (yes they also had food here), despite from its sophisticated look, One Fifteenth actually offered you a more traditional food selections like Mie Celor, Pempek Palembang and I heard from some people that they're also serious with the food *curious alert*, going to really try that on the next visit.

I was happy to find out that One Fifteenth also offered a few coffee brewing methods depending on your liking like the good old French Press, V60, Chemex (ones with filter papers), Syphon and Kalita Wave, so whenever your curiosity and adventurous side is popping, you could custom your own coffee brewing!

Hot Mocha
IDR 40k
There are times when I desperately need coffee, my suffering doesn't stop there, sometimes it's a little more suffering to choose if you want to have the hot (for the sake of the Latte art) or the iced version (for the pleasure), never knew choosing coffee would be this stressful! Anyway, the latte art was decent and neat and I personally pretty fond of this one, it had a decent balance of the chocolate and coffee flavor, appropriate sweetness. A good enjoyable coffee for the day.

Iced Cappuccino with Caramel Syrup
IDR 38k
Since I am more of an iced coffee person (especially Cappuccino), I stuck with my good old choice of Iced Cappuccino, but this time with a little kick from the caramel syrup! The coffee was just beautiful, I love the perfect balanced of the coffee intensity (not overpowering but not extremely mild either). Another fascinating coffee for the day!

In a nutshell, One Fifteenth is just the perfect place for coffee lovers who are looking for a venue to work, meetings, a pleasure me-time and even group study (seriously?). Gotta give it to One Fifteenth for separating the smoking and non-smoking area because I truly deeply have issues with smokes from the cigarette called "hatred".

I happily recommend everyone to go here and sip on their fabulous coffees. Thanks to the venue and the coffees, this place rocketed to my list of Jakarta's Best Coffee Shops in a snap!

One Fifteenth (1/15) Coffee
Jalan Gandaria 1 No. 63
Jakarta Selatan 12130
Opening Hours: 8AM - 10PM Daily

3 komentar:

  1. I'm also a fan of 1/15 coffee. Fantastic coffee and fantastic fitout of the shop. A bit pricey in my view as they are in line with Western prices, but you do have to pay for quality I suppose. And you do get it at 1/15.

  2. coffee shop with my friends. There food options are fairly characteristic of a coffee whose main focus is high quality coffee thats we liked.I think Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder maybe useful for this shop.
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