Magnum Infinity Ice Cream Launching at Magnum Cafe Grand Indonesia

A few days I got invited by Magnum Indonesia to attend the exclusive preview of the upcoming "Magnum Infinity" ice cream and actually be the first people to try out the ice creams before it's being released to the public! Say what?!

The event was held in the New Magnum Cafe at Grand Indonesia and let me tell you upfront: the event was fun, inspiring and full of joy! Not only because bloggers gorge together there, but also the whole line-up was pretty entertaining. I'm warning you guys this post is going to be chocolate mad and you're going to see me rave about it so much here, plus this post is really photo heavy, so many nice things to share to you.

I want this gift wrapping papers! I hope they come in red or blue.

I love their appetizers, they're really good! Especially that perfectly fried mushrooms that burst in your mouth! This one was certainly awesome too, having these with simply Tartar and chili sauce was decent!

Please, it's just ice tea, but the lighting made them very beautiful to capture!

The event started with a little talk show session with the representative from Magnum Indonesia who also happens to be the brand manager assistant for Magnum Indonesia, Kaninia Radiatni, and the famous Chef Odie Djamil, they're explaining us all about the Magnum Infinity, but I'm going to explain everything when I reveal the star of the day. In the midst of the talk show, we were granted with a lovely fondue from Magnum completed with Tanzanian chocolate which is also the main ingredient used in the Magnum Infinity. One first short bite of this literally equals to long lasting pleasure... wonderful mouth-gasm! The chocolate was just rich, kinda flirty in the mouth, the consistency might not be as thick as the common chocolate (or maybe they're setting it for the fondue) but the aftertaste was incredible!

Chef Odie Djamil. He's seriously friendly and gifted!

I could see for myself when Chef Odie Djamil was creating his creations for us at the event (going to that later), he was helped with his partner, Chef Kim Pangestu and they both were like the Jak and Jil of gourmet, I wish I was a chef :(.

Magnum Infinity packaging. It came in one variant: Chocolate and Caramel.
Typing this post right now was totally irritating, I am kinda craving for it right now T.T. The look of this was totally appetizing and yummy! The coating was using the Tanzanian chocolate and Magnum declared as the first ever ice cream to apply the usage of Tanzanian chocolate. If you guys are noticing the texture, they were roasted cocoa nibs (cocoa beans).
My first impression of the ice cream: it was superb! I keep on telling this post like it's an advertorial, but truly it is not. Frankly speaking, I thought some of Magnum's late creations were a little too sweet for my taste bud, but this one was a one well-balanced creation! I love the fact that they were creative with the contrast from the roasted cocoa nibs, and FYI the roasted cocoa nibs did taste like roasted coffee beans. The roasted cocoa nibs also help creating the fragrance. Another positive thing about cocoa nibs and Tanzanian chocolate is that they contain high amount of Flavonoid and Theobromine to keep you away from the cough.

Well, maybe in the future "One Magnum Infinity ice cream a day can keep the doctor away!" LOL.

Chef Odie Djamil was continuing his creations, he made about three of his signature creations for this event: they were pretty looking and the plating was just top class.

Magnum held a fun competition for us bloggers, so the idea was to make the most creative creation with Magnum Infinity and Magnum Chocolate buttons. I teamed up with Aline from Foolosophy but in the end, we didn't win #loser, but I am still holding a grudge here, that's okay it was just for fun :).

But admit this, our creation was not bad right, still appetizing looking for me.

Here are some other creations made by the other bloggers, they were creative as well!

You did not call it a day when you haven't tried Chef Odie Djamil's creations! They were really good in both flavor and presentation. Going to introduce you guys one by one.

Six Different Textures of Tanzanian Chocolate

Seven Textures of Tanzanian Chocolate

Odie Djamil's Magnum Infinity Creation

They were all great chocolate creations, but my favorite one has got to be the "Six Different Textures of Tanzanian Chocolate", it had a very decent look (probably prettiest among the three), lovely play of texture and most of all, awesome flavor!

Thank you Magnum Indonesia for inviting me to the event, I was overjoyed and honored to be able to attend the event, also thanks to Chef Odie Djamil and Chef Kim Pangestu for the lovely creations, my tummy was happy!

The most disastrous aftertaste is probably now. I am urgently in need of the Magnum Infinity ice cream :(, but unfortunately they are pretty rare now but with more effort, you could find it in your city! I guess they're having an ongoing Magnum competition on their Twitter. The Magnum Infinity ice creams are going to be in the market (for whole spread) in the middle of January 2014, hopefully by that time you'll be able to find it everywhere! I couldn't wait to rave in the supermarkets and buy me some for stocks!

It will be sold for IDR 11k. Ultimate guilty pleasures don't have to make you feel ripped-off, right? ;).

The New Magnum Cafe
Grand Indonesia 6th fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat

8 komentar:

  1. it's too sweet for me ><

  2. I am weeping in adoration for those amazing creations. The plating is top class, indeed!

  3. I like that food guide, thanks for hosting this.

  4. The event seems really fun and those foods look very delicious!
    Well to be honest, Magnums' ice cream does taste delicious but not really my cup of tea, it's kinda too sweet for my tongue haha

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  6. Oh my Goshhh, Its flattering myself to eat it with pure orange juice.

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