Elicxir Artisan Gelato Plaza Indonesia

The Nitrogen Ice Cream trend in Jakarta is ironically heating up and ain't stopping soon. After becoming a mobile pop-up store for some time months ago, Elicxir Gelato is finally having its own outlet on the 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia! Cheers to that, I am really happy for Jennifer and Jansen for the launching of the store! 

The store wasn't spacious, probably fit around 30 people maximum, it's now replacing what used to be Mister Bean Coffee and located just across Pancious Pancake. The concept of the store is playful, youth, a little vintage touch on certain areas with dim lighting. In a nutshell, pretty comfortable petite venue.

Here is Jansen checking on the Nitrogen gas, I always love the white smoke I don't know why! I found it to be mysterious, peaceful, resembles cold and majestic in the same time.

Fortunate enough to try out some of their newly launched flavors! I used to try out their Chocolate Matcha during an event a few months ago and it was a decent one.

Pompom Bomb
IDR 27.5k
Technically, these finger food were all potatoes! Deep fried potato with potato puree filling inside. Despite the simpleness of the idea, they were tasty! The spicy mayonnaise sauce was such a decent companion, you could have this while waiting for the mouthwatering gelatos to finish, trust me, when it comes to Nitrogen ice creams, the most fun part is actually looking at the process more than the eating LOL.

Noir Dutchess
IDR 27.5k
Technically the same as above, only with Dark Chocolate fondue. This ain't disappointing but I am the good old mayonnaise guy, I was fond of the earlier one rather than this.

All the ice cream variants are sold for IDR 43k/each and the portion was medium, not exactly big but definitely not small.

Breakkie Champion
As you guys probably know, I am not a milk-products-lover, but I still have to try at least once to know the flavor and this one had a strong milk flavor to it, strong enough to make me stop. If you love milk then you probably gonna love this one, but as what I have experienced from the first and last scoop of this, the sweetness was decent.

One of my favorites and (for me) also one of the best served that time. It was actually banana gelato with salted caramel cookies. It did has that milky flavor to it but it wasn't overpowering like the Breakkie Champion, definitely because banana itself arealdy got that milky flavor and creamy texture to it so that I still could manage. The cookies crumble were good, it added texture to the portion but I was expecting the stronger kick of the salted-caramel flavor.

You Have Me, That's Why It's Red
This was a raspberry sorbet with Madagascar Vanilla. I was expecting the raspberry flavor to come out more intense so that it could added the sourness flavor to it and I couldn't exactly taste the vanilla flavor, however the texture was really smooth.

Royal Velvet
HANDS DOWN this was the best of the day! I love this head to toe from the beginning to the last drop. The texture was perfect, the consistency was decent, the flavor was bold! The addition of Hojicha to the Taro base was probably genius and the violet color just added up the prettiness and the sense of appetite! This one is seriously recommended.

Black Diamond
This was actually a chocolate sorbet, hmm, I never really had chocolate sorbet before because of the milky creamy flavor I thought they always work as gelato. This was initially given at the end to neutralize everything, more like a "mouthwasher". The flavor was indeed light and fresh but when it comes to this being on the menu, chocolate is better as a gelato, because I am pretty sure (and since I am a costumer's voice), when it comes to hearing the word "Chocolate ice cream", in a flash my mind was thinking about this creamy texture with dark chocolate flavor that melts in your mouth.

Despite the "sorbet" label to it, this still got that sense of gelato, it still got that creamy milky flavor, only lighter. Frankly speaking, this was not disappointing, none of the ice creams here were, it's just that I see it on my POV.

Overall, my visit was nice and the ice creams were decent! Maybe a little "OMFG it's good" at some ice creams and a honest "I think it should be..." at some, but this is business right, listening to the costumer's voice could really help. Good thing about the ice creams here were the fact that they didn't melt really quickly. However, I would still recommend you guys going to this ice cream house and try out their creations, especially the "Royal Velvet" which was freaking good and the most stand out! FYI, you could add your favorite topping to the ice creams for an additional of IDR 3k only.
Have a freezing weekend you hungry people! I really need to take a rest, life has been seriously busy but the good thing is that I am earning some good fortune a lot of experience each and everyday, I meet new people almost everyday in my life lately, it's just that I enjoy blogging and socializing so much, I don't think it's tiring enough to make me stop, especially the support from the loyal readers. Thank you!

Did I mention that eatandtreats currently marked its 3500 daily readers? Woohoo thank you awesome! I freaking love you all!!! To the little ones out there reading this blog, the most genuine and sincere thanks to you :').

Elicxir Artisan Gelato
Plaza Indonesia Extention, 5th fl. #019
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 15350
021 - 2992 1716