Imperial Lamian Grand Indonesia

Imperial Lamian at Grand Indonesia has been in my "must-visit" list for forever, but since the outlet is packed almost everytime, just looking at it already makes it lazy enough to queue! Last week after an event in Grand Indonesia, I got the chance to finally visit the outlet and actually try their sort-of famous lamian!

This happens to be their second outlet, first one in Alam Sutera. I have read a lot of enchanting reviews from my fellow food bloggers about this brand, especially for the pricing! More even, I couldn't wait to try this myself after I saw some pictures from the blogs, that's a hell of a generous portion for that amount of price. Saliva meltdown!

What's fascinating about eating lamian here is the fact that you can custom your noodles from the four selections! There are: Wide Noodle (Khuan Mian), Flying Noodle (Yi Gen Mian), Sliced Noodle (Dao Xiao Mian) and Regular (La Mian), but since I wanted to try their famous lamian in the first place, I stick with the regular one.

Noodle with Sliced Beef in Chili Oil
IDR 34.9k
I asked the waiter to separate the chili oil from the noodle soup because I noticed three chili icons on the menu which indicates that the food is fiery, also I have a little problem with food that's too spicy. Picture below is showing you the before and after the chili oil mixed. The left one's just the plain, boring looking noodle but when you actually put in the chili oil, I just want to slurp everything. A little touch of red is always good ;).

Indeed, I was wise enough to separate the chili oil, it was burning and really really spicy! The noodle soup was really decent and tasty, especially when you had it searing hot! The beef cuts were also tender, if you love spicy food betcha gonna love this.

Fried Noodle with Egg
IDR 21k
It might be plain, but it looked so appetizing to me already. Technically, noodle and egg wok fried together, but don't you just love that smoky flavor from the wok (major key)?! The noodle had this decent texture: rubbery and chewy. Happily recommending this one for you guys to try.

Fung Zau Dimsum
IDR 12.9k
Decent and pretty tasty I would say.

Crab and Chicken Xiao Long Bao
IDR 22.9k
I was fond of this one, but the soup was good and tasty and the filling was pretty generous :).

I used to think that I always get what I am paying for, meaning the expensive food I paid for in certain restaurants gave me great satisfaction, well, mostly do, but this one, I paid less for what I got! *tears* I would dare to pay a little more for these treats, they were good. The fact that the pricing was cheap just boost up my satisfaction! You guys should really try Imperial Lamian at Grand Indonesia. They have seriously good food, especially the simple "Fried Noodle with Egg" which I am freakin craving for right now. Tsk tsk!

If you want to go here, lunch time probably wouldn't be the best timing, especially if you're pacing with time, the queue could be more than 20! I told you earlier that this place was packed almost every hour, but from what I saw, during the night, even though it's still crowded, it's more appropriate. But if you still want to go for lunch, gotta depend on your luck!

Imperial Lamian
Grand Indonesia West Mall, Level 3A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 No. 1
Jakarta Pusat
021 - 2358 0567
Price Range: IDR 30k-50k

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