Coco Ichibanya Curry House Jakarta

The culinary scene of Jakarta is totally fun and exciting these days! After KOI bubble drink, Hot Star, PAUL Pattisserie, I Love Taimei, Coco Ichibanya is finally opening its first outlet in Jakarta! Whoppie!

This might came as surprise, but Coco Ichibanya is the biggest curry house franchise in the world with around 1300 outlets spread all over the world! After thousands of stores later finally it's opening its first store in Grand Indonesia, where were they the whole time? They should have opened here long ago! The interior of the outlet was just simple with appropriate space and setting for lighting and vibrance. Everything was right without feeling extremely exclusive and intimidating, just the place where I would just have my awesome meal and all about eating comfortably. The menu is all curry dishes starting from meat, seafood, omelette to the mix curry. You could also customize your meal by selecting the amount of rice, the serving standard is around 250gr and for every 100gr off the standard serving, you bill's also being cut IDR 5k off.

Enough yakking, I'm giving you a list of customization for comfort:
- Rice amount (standard serving: 250gr and you CANNOT customize anything for omelette dishes!)
350gr (10k), 450 gr (20k), 550gr (30k)
- Spiciness level: mild, standar to the maximum of level 5.
- Additional toppings (starting from IDR 15k)

PS: I hope you are all drooling over your laptop and lick the screen right this moment! I am even hungry right now damnit!

I ordered their signature dish: Chicken Cutlet Omelette Curry (IDR 70k) and upgraded it with the "SET A" (additional IDR 25k) option that comes with additional salad and any kind of beverages (chose Iced Lemon Tea). Before taking the pictures, I took a spoonful of the curry sauce because I was drooling over how appetizing looking the dish was and guess what? I was impressed by that very first spoon, I finally just found what I would declare as THE BEST CURRY IN TOWN! The texture was semi-creamy, seasoning was great, the flavor was vibrant, I customize the spiciness myself by adding the chili powder available on each table and it was even better! The omelette was awesome, it was cooked properly without being overcooked, loving the fact that it was still runny, creamy but not overpoweringly milky and disgusting. The chicken cutlet was juicy, tender and appropriately cooked while as the simple as the rice was also decent, it was fragrant and sticky (in a good way). Absolutely recommended.
Salad was simple but decent and fresh. Loving the sauce dressing which was soysauce, lemon juice and nuts.

Beef Hamburg
IDR 65k
From the overall appearance, it was clearly not as appetizing as the Chicken Cutlet Omelette Curry but seriously, the meat was absolutely delicious! (If you wanna be creative and have this meat with hamburger buns with a little sauce dressing that would be awesome too!). The meat was cooked properly on medium well, fragrant, seasoned amazingly, probably the only negative comment I could give was the portion of the meat, for this price, which was IDR 5k away from the previous dish, I was expecting a bigger and longer lasting excitement! This was seriously awesome in flavor. I hope they could give a bigger cut.

Short to say, my visit to Coco Ichibanya was awesome! I love their dishes and frankly speaking, confession to make, I never really liked curry courses, I even tend to always skip it, because most of the times I always feel bloated physically and appetite-mentally, but thanks to Coco Ichibanya, my perception of curry courses just changed! Seriously, Coco Ichibanya is a tough competitor to beat and a lot of restaurants out there serving curry courses should really watch their back *evil smirk*. Did I mention they are HALAL! (No pork courses served here, but honestly I wanna try one LOL).

Looking forward for my next visit! Mazor yumster!

Coco Ichibanya
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall Level 3A unit E0 01-1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat
021 - 2358 0960

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  2. 250gr and you CANNOT customize anything for omelette dishes!)
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