To The Saints on This Year's Christmas!

I don't normally do this for any brands because this kind of post will go as advertorial post, but the kindness that these people gave to me simply blew me away, and besides, it's freaking Christmas! I have to do something kind (not an excuse because we have to act kind anytime we possibly can), seriously, I made this post because I want to show off my love!

Anyway, how's your Christmas going so far? I don't know what's it with this year's Christmas but I guess it's literally slightly colder than the last year and therefore a little more mellow and romantic. Kind of fond of this year's Christmas to be honest. Have you planned any Christmas dinner yet? Well I have written a post regarding to that as you can check here!

Special thanks to the following "saints" for giving me such memorable Christmas treats! Thanks for regaining my faith back in humanity.

InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza Hotel
Special thanks for the lovely peeps from InterContinental Jakarta MidPlaza Hotel (Catrina, Prissilia and Ayleen) for this adorable Christmas cake! The Santa was uber cute!

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Special thanks for Mr. Joris Satyadharma and Felicia Setiawan from Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta for this exclusive hamper! Frankly speaking, this is a one heavy hamper, but aside from how heavy it was, this was for me, one of the best hampers packaging yet, just look at that elegant looking basket. For your information, this "Premium Hamper" is sold at Satoo Deli Shop at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta for IDR 1.55 million ++/package.

The hamper consists of 10 items which were:
- Santa Clause chocolate replica
- Christmas cake
- Panetotte (Traditional Italian christmas cake)
- Cookies (Ginger flavor)
- Valrhona chocolate bar
- Candies (gummy jellies and Marshmallows)
- Two homemade biscuits
- Bali Organic honey
- Chocolate pralines

Christmas Apples from Sweet Apple Indonesia
When they asked me if I want to accept endorsements for their products, I happily answered yes, and I happened to like the products so much I put this in the blog (again, don't normally do this for endorsed products). Thank you for the kindness, the sweet and cute apple candies, the packaging came nicely, too! (the packaging probably another reason why I happily put this in the blog, appreciate when people put in a little more effort). You can place your order to: if you're interested!

Milky Nutty
Another products worth your love is Milky Nutty almond milk! No sugar was added to the milk creations and I could feel it from the natural sweetness of the products (bet you could feel the same way once you had this) and no preservatives added, that's why the life cycle of the milk is not long. I happened to love their products so much they deserve a little shout out here! If you happen to order the milk, I'd happily recommend the "Matcha" and "Vanilla" flavor, have tried them all actually and they're great!
They have lovely cookies as well!

Lasagna Lasagne by Virra Vinsenssa
I have once reviewed the Lasagna from Lasagna Lasagne in my previous post (link above) and I once declared this one of the best Lasagna's I've ever had in my life and guess what? Still is! This time Virra gave me Lasagna Lasagne Christmas hamper and introduced me to the new variant: Bratwurst Lasagna, and it was really really decent! I guess you should try this and gave her a call!

Just look at how rich the filling and the cheese (but not overpowering) are! Big chunks of Bratwurst sausage are spread all over too, darn it I am craving for more.

Impressive! Lasagna Lasagne's not only experts in the Lasagnas, but the Macarons as well! The form, texture (that soft meringue like texture but still chewy), and the flavor were just perfect!

Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta
So happy to receive this precious Christmas treats from Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta! Special thanks to Ms. Arie Ardianti for these guilty pleasure. The package consists of one large Christmas cake, Le Meridien signature 2014 agenda which was nicely wrapped in leather and Santa's boot chocolate replica. The fruit cake was nice, loving the macarons on top to add the prettiness!

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta
So very kind of the peeps from Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta (special thanks to Mia and Malinda ;)) for the lovely kronuts (yes with a "K"), exactly six were given to me in various variants and this Christmas inspired kronut was just beautiful in both appearance and flavor. Nice!

Better CHOCOlate Than Never
One of my most favorite Christmas hamper gifts this year definitely came from Better CHOCOlate Than Never! First, I love chocolate, secondly, I love their cakes (which by the way I have reviewed here) and thirdly, they came in nice packaging! It was such a pleasant moment when Better CHOCOlate Than Never contacted me to give me some Christmas treats (thank you Rizka!), yes, they are releasing new products for the Christmas and I got the chance to rave about them!
The hamper consisted of a few lovely products:
- Baby Cakes (White Chocolate, Black Forest, Walnut, Layer Cake)
- Chocolate Espresso Brownie Cookies
- Chocolate pralines
- Homemade chocolates

This one's also decent! Such a pretty presentation.
Still remains my favorite Black Forest cake!

Just in case you're wondering if I finish them all, No, I didn't! After I took photos, I took some that I like the most and some I "donated" to my relatives who live nearby. Power of neighborhood, sharing is caring :).

So there you go, some of my most favorite Christmas hampers gifts this year. Thank you for the mentioned roles for the kindness and the heartwarming hospitality. It's nice to know you and work with you throughout the year, but working with you doesn't feel that literal at all. I hope we can still continue supporting one another!

Christmas is just two days away! I am going to have a Christmas eve dinner with my best-friends right after Church at Publico (my friend's dying to try out their Cronuts!). Whatever your plan is, I hope you're going to have a wonderful one and may love surrounds you and your loved ones always!

Happy early Christmas! Thank you for reading this goddamn blog because the blog and its writer love you all sincerely ;). *aww that's sweet*

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