[RECIPE] Double Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies

Was in the mood to cook something yesterday and eventually baking some delicious chocolate cookies! Trust me, I am not an expert in cooking but I just love the idea of it and beside, what I made was super easy and very little possibility that you're gonna fail, you just need to follow the measurements and instructions correctly, but I honestly was not 100% following all the rules of cooking, I added or subtract some of this and that using my sense.

The cookies turned out to be delicious, yummy, and moist. I just don't like my cookies to be extremely dry, I like them moist and chewy like the ones from Famous Amos. Since I am an avid lovers of Chocolate, I guess I should be making something chocolate crazy! I used candy canes to live up the Christmas ambiance, Christmas is truly an inspiration.

You could find the recipe anywhere at the holy internet and this recipe was the mixture of watching some YouTube videos and reading some blog entries, one of them was this inspirational cooking blog, Sweetapolita. Trust me, you're gonna love this blog and maybe gain 10 pounds just by looking at the mouthwatering pictures!
I was disappointed because it's so freaking hard to find candy canes in Jakarta. I went to three supermarkets and they're running out of candy canes, so I eventually went to a candy shop and buy candies that look like Candy Canes, but the flavor and the look just were not quite there yet. I was hoping the flavor of the candies to be a little sour as well as the glass-like texture :(. Better luck next time.

Preheat the oven to 180 degree celcius before baking. Don't forget to give a little space, around 2 inches in between the cookie dough. Each of the cookie was around one table spoon measurement. Bake around 8-10 minutes for a fluffier consistency, more if you like your cookies to be dry and crunchy.

Fluffy chunky cooked cookies!

As for the chocolate garnish, I was using Nutella or you can just make your own chocolate jam by simply melting the chocolate compound! 100 grams of milk chocolate is going to be enough and approximately 2 minutes in 200 degree celcius to melt the chocolate. Let me spoil you a little secret/habit of mine. When I melt the chocolate, I always give one teaspoon (sometimes one table spoon, depending on the amount of melted chocolate) of olive oil and one tea spoon of butter.

I hope this DIY chocolate cookies trial inspire you! So easy to make, you should make your own and be creative with it, the world of food is such a playground.

So, have you baked something for Christmas? I am thinking about creating some more easy cakes for Christmas hmm... let's see!

Shoo for now, enjoying my cookies! Christmas is clearly near!