Paul Bakery and Patisserie Jakarta (Galeries Lafayette)

After months of waiting and the craving for genuine pastries, PAUL Bakery and Patisserie is finally opening in Jakarta! To be exact in the outdoor area of Galeries Lafayette just across Odyssea Restaurant, and today I got the chance to visit this awesome restaurant/bakery and patisserie!

For you who are not aware of PAUL, this ginormous bakery brand actually came from France, established in 1889. It's undoubtedly one of the best patisseries in the world and until now it has more than 400 stores spread all over the world, it's such a joy having one in Jakarta and hopefully...more!

My first impression looking at this place was... WOW! You could see it for yourself how gorgeous this restaurant looked from its exterior. I totally love the usage of black color for the whole exterior architecture, not only it gave the "expensive" and "classy" status for the profile, but it also resembles PAUL's black branding.

The restaurant's divided into two areas: outdoor and indoor, the outdoor one's designed for a more casual and earthy dining experience (read: for smokers) and the indoor area is the main dining area. Indoor or outdoor could do for me. I am officially in love with the venue at the first place.

The ambiance made me feel like I was actually in Paris.
The first thing you'll see when you step inside the venue is the bakery, totally the Heaven for patisserie lovers like I do! You'll see range of delicious pastries, breads (le boulangerie), cakes, tarts, baguettes, caneles and a lot more things that could make you happy and drool over! It was literally a tough call choosing what I really want because everything looked so delicious.

And finally, after a long self-fight, I went with these five gorgeous treats:

Tartelette Framboise
This one caught my eye for its beautiful presence. One scoop of this gorgeous cake and I literally went numb because it's really really good! The pastry skin was really crunchy and tasty, the framboise (raspberries) were sweet, decent and fresh, I didn't think it was marinated before because they're naturally sweet, and the pastry cream must be the BOMB! This one is simply must try here.

Pain Au Chocolat
IDR 22k
Crispy coating with generous tasty chocolate inside, this one's decent!

Chausson Pommes
IDR 25k
Another pastry (more like a turnover puff pastry) with crispy coating (well, every pastry that I ordered here had such decent crispy texture, and I believe all of them are), the filling was apple puree and it was also fresh but I was expecting the filling to be sweet because it was really sour.

Butter Croissant
IDR 18k
This butter croissant might look usual and simple but it actually has a very decent flavor! Again, such a crispy coating, the butter must be absorbed really well to the pastry. A decent tasty pastry I would say.

IDR 25k
This one was another decent pastry, crispy on the outside but chewy and moist on the inside, overall, this one was the most chewy one. The filling's choco chips and they were tasty.

Iced Lemon Tea
IDR 35k
This wasn't impressive, it tasted more like a lemon infused water instead of lemon tea, I wasn't feeling the tea flavor.
In a nutshell, I would say that I am happy that Jakarta finally has a decent place to have pastries with great quality. The delicious pastries that I ordered on the day were really good, the ones with chocolate filling were really tasty, the chocolate seemed premium like, and I have nothing bad to say about the Tartalette Framboise. The baguettes were really great in texture but I haven't tried them so I guess I'm going to come back, there will definitely be the second, third, fourth and on visits.

The price ranges for the pastries were still appropriate, on the other hand, the macarons were pretty expensive (60k/each).

However, despite the gorgeous pastries, the iced lemon tea wasn't really pleasant and unfortunately, I must be honest here, the service was poor. They were not giving me fork and knife so I had to ask twice for the utensil to come, I even had to ask twice for my iced lemon tea to come out, and I had to ask three times for the sugar (liquid sugar) but eventually they were running out of it, I mean, it was not rocket science, the place was crowded but not entirely packed. I was severely disappointed, improvement is seriously needed.

Overall, I still would recommend you guys dining in for the ambiance kept you alive, they also had some main courses like "Croque Monsieur", "Paillason Saumon Fume", but I still believe that the pastries would still be fresh even though you take them away.

PAUL Bakery and Patisserie Jakarta
Outdoor Area of Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 5799 3455
Opening Hrs: 10 AM - 10 PM (Monday - Sunday)