DJOURNAL COFFEE, Summarecon Mal Serpong 2

The highly anticipated coffee shop is now opening in Summarecon Mal Serpong 2, it is another invention from the food and beverages empire Ismaya group, well for me, personally, everytime I am aware that Ismaya group is the background of the restaurant or the venue, I know it won't be disappointing, but how about now? I'm going to give the review based on the two recommended menu by the baristas: iced caramel macchiato and nutella cake.

Can I just conclude this? I worship the Nutella cake, I think it's a very succesful invention and I love how the softness of the creme layer blends with the chocolate sponge cake and the nutella itself, my most favorite part would be that crunchy layer underneath the cake, it totally gives a nice contrast to the meal and I lvoe the fact that even though it's stereotypically chocolate, but it isn't too sweet. MUST TRY!

It is retailed for 28.000/slice - before tax.

This is the second attempt of the anticipated coffee shop's product, so does Ismaya happen to disappoint or indeed please the costumers? AGAIN. YES IT DOES. This caramel macchiato is a total to foe to Starbucks' original iced caramel macchiato. For me, Djournal's CM tastes lighter than Starbucks, maybe since I'm using non-fat milk, but I just love how the caramel really blends with both the coffee and milk. My perception of a great coffee is when you feel like it's a total friend with your tounge and you don't have that strong stink almost acid like that left over from every sip. This is a total delightful coffee drink, you need to try. I was wondering about making comparisons of both the products since for me, this is the best two. Stay tuned for the upcoming posts.

Retailed for 40.000 (large cup) - before tax.

Hey it's me... sorry for the panda eyes, today I'm just done with my exam weeks and I've been having super lack of sleep lately, but tonight will be a revenge.

If you haven't been here, I suggest you walk over here and have those two that I gave review at, I can guarantee an amazing coffee experience in a slightly comfortable venue. I'm kinda excited about the one at Grand Indonesia, but it isn't open yet.

Photography and editing taken by me.
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