My Pancake, Grand Indonesia.

Once I heard this: "high school friends may last forever". In my case, I'm not in forever, but almost four years after and we are still a group of people who clicked just at the moment we meet face to face. Some of my friends went abroad to extend their study and when they got the chance to return (and they always do...), we always create a small reunion.

The reunion took place at Grand Indonesia, all debating about the restaurant because one didn't want to eat anything japanese, one didn't want to eat anything american, and blah blah blah but since the dessert is fine, we went to My Pancake, Grand Indonesia. I've been here several times but this is probably the first time that I ever put a review on this restaurant. I love the ambience of this restaurant, it's gloomy, it has a proper dim light and if you're wondering, it is right at the venue where the windmill is.

What were we ordering? hhmmm... lots of yummy stuffs.

My Pancake Chocolate Pancake
The good old chocolate pancake with one scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and lots of chocolate sauce, garnished with one astor.

Unagi Donburi
 Mango Chocolate Pancake
 Salmon Mushroom Pasta
Seafood Marinara Fettucine
 Chicken and Spinach Spaghetti

Well sure this is mine because the dish has more photos taken LOL. I think the food in this restaurant is proper for everyone who wants a good time of eating with a genereous portion. I can't finish the food because the portion is slightly too big for me. I love the idea of making the cream soup more liquid like instead of super creamy ones. The spinach and the chicken are fresh. I recommend this one!

My Pancake
Grand Indonesia West Mall
3A Fl.