A visit to this popular burger chain is mandatory once I know I’m going to Dubai, hey, at least for the moment, I don’t need to travel to the Big Apple to have this.

Any first experience should be interesting, not to mention I have been obsessed in trying Shake Shack my whole life, and this has been happening since my friend couldn’t stop raving about their burger. Shake Shack has several outlets spread in Dubai, I could easily visited the one in Mall of The Emirates since it’s literally just a walking distance from where I was staying (Sheraton Dubai), but my schedule that day allowed me to surf the AMAZING Dubai Mall.
Dearly beloved Jesus the mall was FREAKING HUGE!!! It’s probably like 5 times bigger than the already gigantic Grand Indonesia, and I literally felt like I walked so much, my feet hurt, well, at least that could be a good excuse to sit down have a round of lunch filled with BURGERS!

Their outlet in Dubai Mall was quite spacious with high ceiling, simple design and classic-sophisticated ambiance to it. For the service, they’re applying the self-service method, so basically after you’re done with the order, you proceed with the payment and they will give you this pager thing that will beep and vibrate once your order is ready and you go to pick them up with all your desired condiments.
Besides burgers, they also have several menus such as hot dogs, concretes (soft serve desserts) and milkshakes, must admit I was a little crazy with the order so if you’re looking at these burgers, don’t look down on me I am just a hungry orange.
Didn't realize that I took the picture freakin' upside down LOL!

26 AED – Single, 42 AED - Double
This is their signature featured burger and one of their all-time best sellers. The elements were actually pretty simple: freshly made potato (yes I repeat, POTATO) buns with beef patties (you can choose single or double), topped with cheese and veges. Ok gotta start talking about the bun first, I LOVE THE FREAKING BUN! It might look like a soggy bun (which I didn't like) wrapping the whole thing, but when you actually have it fresh and right away, the soft-fluffy-pillowy and in the same time gooey bun compliments the uber juicy and well-seasoned patties very well! The melted cheddar acted in giving this good sticky texture that in a way, unites the patties altogether in the most fashionable & delicious way. I SIMPLY LOVED IT.

Shack Burger (left), Smoke Shack (right)
Generally, their fries wasn’t my favorite. I found them to be very dry (easily made for everyone to assume that it’s very frozen), the default amount of cheese sauce didn’t really give nor live up the flavor, and the cherry pepper sauce didn’t meet my expectations in enhancing how I initially expected it would turn out: tangy and spicy, it’s just mild sour and tangy. I really think they should add in more salt or a little butter on the frying process, anyway, looks appetizing tho.
Cheese Fries - 20 AED
Cherry Pepper Cheese Fries - 26 AED
38 AED – Single, 54 AED - Double
The Smoke Shack has pretty much the same base as the original Shack Burger, only with addition of smoked veal bacon and minus the greens. I appreciate how it gave this smoky flavor character to the burger, but I just felt like it was lacking of that extra kick that I was expecting coming from the juicy bacon (they are not dry crispy bacon, more ham like).
32 AED – Single, 48 AED - Double
The Shack Meister is basically Shack Burger with deep fried battered shallot minus the veges. It was not my favorite, the shallot only contributed to the texture, but not so much on the flavor. I would go for the good ol onion ring instead.
OKLAHOMA THIS ONE, HANDS DOWN, MY FAVORITE OF ALL! The burger basically consist of (again) the same base, but they added this condiment of Portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese, then battered and deep fried altogether. If the original Shake Burger had this light-seasoned patty that’s already quite delicious, when you have this altogether, the juiciness and the natural saltiness of the Portobello mushroom mixed with the cheddar cheese and that flavor & fragrance of the deep fried batter really created this enhanced AMAZING flavor, you got mostly salty with a hint of savory, but most of all, it’s freaking delicious. MUST TRY!!!

Once I looked at this hot dog, it instantly reminded me of the good old American hot dog, you know with generous pickles and mustard on it, and I am saying this in a good way! I love american hot dogs are you kidding. The sausage was tasty, tender and juicy, even though I am not a big fan of mustard and pickles, somehow I feel like particularly for this hot dog, the pickles and mustard played each role's well in creating this beautiful sour and tangy flavor without overpowering the meaty sausage flavor that should always be the main thing! I understand that single bite balance.
Based on my experience sampling all three of their concretes, I happen to be a fan of them, again just slightly sweet, but it certainly had this premium flavor to it and the fact that they’re homemade certainly set this POV of mine. My favorite one would be the Shack Attack with crazy amount of chocolate, chocolate pearls and that cookie dough that really changed the game. Here you can also create and customize your own concretes for ice cream base starting from 15 AED (single) and 21 (double) and toppings (3 AED each). The toppings that you can choose are: chocolate truffle cookie dough, chocolate toffee, strawberry puree, fudge sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter sauce, marshmallow sauce, shortbread cookie, Valrhona choocolate pearls, banana and Malt powder.
Red Velvet Concretes: vanilla custard ice cream with red velvet cake
Shake Attack: chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough, Valrhona chocolate pearls, topped with chocolate sprinkles!
Dubai Malt: chocolate custard with malt powder & cookie dough, 
The Fair Shake is what you should order if you like a coffee shake as it contains coffee in it. The texture of the shake was very thick & creamy, but somehow I instantly created this “wall” once they told me that the milkshake consist of egg yolks blended together. Not sure if I was disgusted or what, but I literally once had to sips of this and done. Besides the Fair Shake, they also have the vanilla, chocolate, black and white, strawberry, caramel and peanut butter shake.

Personally, I think the key to a “good burger” for me is 30% about the texture and 70% about the flavor. I love if each element could compliment each other in order to create this beautiful flavor.

The lunch was pretty big to the point where I didn't want to see anymore burgers. I really do hope they’re opening in Indonesia, I could see a big enthusiast towards this brand, maybe a little adjusment to the pricing and stuff and I think they're pretty much ready to fly!

1 AED = IDR 3950 (as 18 September 2015)

Shake Shack
Dubai Mall 1st fl (near Waterfront)
Doha Street, Burj Khalifa complex
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(+974) 04 4190 370
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 12 PM 


Map for The Dubai Mall

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