SHIROKUMA Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Went to this newly opened cafe right after having my lunch at Song Fa (previous post), for someone who doesn't go to PIK often (anymore) like me, one visit to PIK equals to trying a couple of new places, in defense I need to have a proper meal as a sweet dessert (excuses, excuses), special thanks to Ivy for accompanying me yesterday! I had a lovely time chatting and sharing with you! :).

Shirokuma actually means "White Bear" in English and that's why you're going to see a white bear logo on the building indicating where Shirokuma is, it's located just beside Han Ok Korean Restaurant and specializing in Japanese desserts, the venue wasn't really spacious but I pretty much loved how comfortable the place is, I love daylights and the venue was separated into two areas, indoor and outdoor, but as far as I know, smoking is prohibited.
The interior's dominated with wood materials, just simple and minimalist.

Generally, the menu in Shirokuma was dominated with Matcha desserts and beverages, but they also have some chocolate and coffee brased products as well as their recommended Japanese Hot Dogs.

Shiratama Parfait
IDR 35k
One portion of Shiratama Parfait consist of cornflakes, mochi, shiratama balls, chunky red beans and matcha jelly topped with swirls of ice cream and you can custom your ice cream (matcha, vanilla or mix), we went with the mixed flavors and the ice cream was light and soft in both consistency and flavor. Personally, I think the Matcha flavor was rich but in a way light and milky. The Shiratama balls didn't have any flavor, just plain rice flour balls and the other condiments was just okay, unfortunately the ice cream melt kinda fast.

Deep Fried Oreo
IDR 29k
This was interesting so we decided to give it a try, again with the same Matcha ice cream topping but I gotta give it to the deep fried oreo, it's almost like fried bread with oreo inside, but in a totally creative and good way! The temperature was proper, the dough's consistency was fluffy and I love the fact that the oreo was the sweetness source and added up a little play of flavor. I restore my faith in OREO because this shit is seriously revolutionary!

Tonkatsu Japanese Hot Dog (NON HALAL)
IDR 45k
We also tried their savory menu like the Japanese Hot Dog and out of four options we went with this one, maybe I was a little stumbled on the "Tonkatsu", my mind was somewhere around ramen hoping this would be tasty dan perfectly savory, okay it's not relevant, but I was pretty satisfied with this hot dog, the sausage was thick, large, long and juicy (don't start imagining things) and it was breaded then deep fried: crispy outside all the way juicy inside, plus, the Tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo were given generously and blend decently along the bites, but I just felt like the butter on the buns was a little too much hence, a little overpowering. Overall I would still recommend.

If I'm planning to go back there, I want to try the Japanese Hot Dog Miso Mayo with black buns! Curious much.

Overall my visit to Shirokuma was okay, the desserts were good but not fantastically good, maybe I like the bolder, sweeter type of Matcha ice cream like those I've tried in some Taiwanese desserts, but I must say the presentation of the desserts were simple, fun and pretty and the JapDog was pretty good, it's just another new cafe everyone wants to visit because of the current hype! 

The downside: the service. The service was slow, I asked for Matcha cake topping (IDR 5k) for my Shirotama Parfait but it wasn't there when it got served until I asked again, they forgot, and eventually canceling.

Currently they're having 50% OFF for all desserts until July 6th, clock's ticking so you better be hurry!

Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No. 32
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara 14460
021 - 2923 7523
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu: 11 AM - 10 PM
Fri - Sun: 11 AM - 12 AM


Map for Rukan Crown Golf PIK

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