Bake and Dine with BreadLife Indonesia

I bet this bakery needs no more introduction as it's one of the leading artisan bakeries in town!

It has been years since its first introduced to the Jakarta's public but BreadLife is proving that so far this Japanese bakery has been winning so many hearts of the customers, well no wonder, if you've ever tried this before (especially those who haven't), you're going to be amazed by the number of product range they're having and the quality that it brings!

I personally AM A FAN!

The very first time I tried BreadLife product was around 5 years back - when I was in the high school - I saw this new bakery opening with catchy orange logo and there was a long queue in the outlet, feeling so typical curious Jakartans, I decided to give BreadLife a try and ordered their Tiger Roll, simple as that, it was love at first sight.

To learn more about bakeries and pastries, BBlog Indonesia invited me and some selected bloggers to join the mini workshop and gathering held in their Living World Alam Sutera outlet. The venue was quite spacious for bakery completed with seating area because this particular outlet was also a cafe bakery, so you can have the scrumptious pastries over chosen beverages like tea, coffee or blended beverages while having a quality time with your loved ones.

Enough yakking, PHOTOS!

Served upfront with their delicious looking class behind the glass display! YUM!
Cute packaging spotted!

What's awesome about BreadLife (besides their gorgeous bread of course) is their open live kitchen, so customers can see the live production process and to make sure the breads are well made, hygiene and made without preservatives! PS: get closer to smell the fresh baked breads!

Everything is awesome it's so hard to choose, if ONLY I could eat everything at once :(.
Some of the breads presented to us, fresh baked products with delicious oozing aroma!
Tiger Roll
Kick things off with my personal favorite: Tiger Roll! This is the reason why I fell in love as well as the reason why I should keep on falling in love for BreadLife. The bread was soft and fluffy with smoked beef, zuchini and floss filling all wrapped in egg with smoked beef and spring onion garnish and dressed in spicy floss on the side. This was, guaranteed, love at first bite. MUST TRY!

You gotta make sure that this Crola is fresh from the oven because I totally love this one, especially when the rich Belgian chocolate is still a little melted in contrast with the perfect flaky-fluffy texture and buttery flavor of the croissant. Favorite!

The Ring
This ring-shaped bread would be just perfect for savory-cheese lovers! The outer part was the bread topped with cheese crust while the inside part consist of cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, smoked beef and parmesan cheese! Double cheese jackpot, this better be good :).

Rugby is my one of my all-time BreadLife breads not only for its unique appearance, but for the flavor as well! The texture is a little flaky and crispy (bread crispy) but all the way fluffy inside with melted vanilla vla sauce inside. This one is the certain MUST ORDER!

Mayo Chickstix
Uh-oh! Better beware of this one because this one is DANGEROUSLY GOOD, I am an avid fan of savory breads and even better when you realize it's topped with chicken sticks and dressed in tomato and mayonaisse sauce - then proceed to look at this - it's almost impossible not saying NO for this!

Cocoa Fudge
Can I not look at this right now because I am craving for another of this!
CHOCOLATE OVERDOSE might be the case of this one, fluffy bread coated with a layer of chocolate ganache, filled with Belgian chocolate and topped with crispy rice to add in a little texture! There you have it: CHOCOLATE + CHOCOLATE + PRETTY = you just died! Fudge this is GOOD!

Samba Delight
Samba Delight is the seasonal product from BreadLife and will be available during the World Cup season! It's made to look like soccer ball and there are two flavors you can choose: Cheese and Hazelnut Chocolate filling, I sure chase the Hazelnut Chocolate ball! It's best to be consumed while it's hot because the bread is on the fluffier state and the filling is a little melted and fragrant!

If you think BreadLife is all about breads, then you might just haven't seen their other appetizing looking products! They also have puddings, tarts, cakes and roll-cakes!

Black Sesame Pudding
The texture of the pudding was decent, not too hard but nor too soft but the flavor and the fragrance of the black sesame was tad strong but in a good way because it lifted up the appetite! Loving the fruit topping because they gave a little flavor and texture play. Simply good.

Cheese Gratine
To be completely honest I didn't try this because it's cheese and a little horror for me - it's the yellow cheesy color - but according to my pals, it had a pretty thick and rich cheese flavor, but not overpowering the palate :).

Strawberry Shortcake
If Strawberry Shortcake is a race, then it's the most Japanese of the others, what's more Japanese than one pretty looking cake topped with fresh strawberries, just like the beautiful country of Japan. The cake was soft and the cream was buttery, milky, tasty and yummy! The strawberries were also really fresh and red-dy to be abused LOL.

Lemon Tart
Again, another pretty creation! Lemon tart topped with baked meringue, the lemon tart had an awesome balance of sweet and sour with crispy dough.

Japanese Green Tea Roll Tart
For green tea lovers, this one you might not want to miss! The cake was soft and fluffy with Ogura infused whipped cream then topped with fruits! There's something about the presentation that was so simple but memorable and tempting!

Fruit A La Carute
The vanilla cake was soft, smooth and fluffy (being using A LOT of these terms but they were indeed) and filled with whipped cream and fruit chunks, the whipped cream was a little milky for my liking. This one was a simple fruit roll cake presented nicely :).

Some of the beverages I ordered that day was Chocolate Ice Blended and Green Tea Ice Blended. The Chocolate Ice Blended was very rich of chocolate along with thick flavor which I happened to like, and the Green Tea Ice Blended had intense green tea flavor, in a sip rich but you're going to miss a hint of bitterness, but hey that's the quality of green tea right!

The excitement continued as I joined in the fruit decorating session, to clear things out, this was NOT a competition *smirk*.

Fresh fruits to make everything preety!
Rich and frothy whipped cream.
Candids by Rafika from BBlog, thank you for the photos of me :).
I thought cake decorating was just a piece of cake, when in fact, it wasn't really a piece of cake, it's a piece of hard work! I thought the cream would be thick but there's something silky about the cream texture that caused it to glance away everything I rub! *sigh*

It was quite an effort but to be honest, it was fun! I put in a lot of chunks of fruit *so Chinese kiasu* and the decorating part, OMG do need practice, I feel quite ashamed because I am a design student but didn't manage to do a very good job on cake decorating, that was like my everyday duty (thankfully it wasn't anymore!). Hey, it didn't look really bad from this angle right.....
...not until you saw it from this angle! Seriously, F my ugly cake!!! The cream on the other side felt apart FML!
This one was made by the chef, looking so professional and ready to be displayed! Confession to make (but I think he also knew), I "stole" his and brought this back home with me so that mom won't feel so embarassed HAHAHA! Just kidding.
More photos of the breads on the displays.
Fresh baked roll cakes, now this one looks so appetizing eh!

Geez look at that chocolate muffin! *faint*
Thank you so much BBlog Indonesia and Breadlife Indonesia for inviting me over for an intimate time while getting to know more about BreadLife products and actually did a cake-decorating (which I sort of fail)...but it was a bliss of FUN!

So many things to love about BreadLife: high-quality ingredients for their products, NO PRESERVATIVES so that their cakes might not have the longetivity BUT THAT'S THE QUALITY!...and another one must be the pricing! It's been years since it first opened but the pricing was still pretty much on the earlier range, eventually after what we have to deal with the economy, certain things are still quite affordable. Thank you for that!

WISHING YOU TONS OF LUCK FOR DAYS, MONTHS AND YEARS TO COME! Please keep up the amazing quality, even better to be better :).

BreadLife Bakery Alam Sutera
Living World, Ground Level
Jl. Boulevard Alam Sutera
Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15325
021 - 2931 0659
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Price Range: IDR 9k - IDR 20k


Map for Living World

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