EATANDTREATS London Travel Diary Part 2: Broadway Market London

First of all, thank you guys for being so patient, now this is the second part of my London trip and in this post I'm going to be talking about the famous Broadway Market London!

If you miss the first part, you can read it HERE!

The memories of London keep lingering in my head but that's good because I don't want to delete them away, I am now even started to save up for more Euro tour because I am a freaking convert now, I bloody love Europe with everything that it needs to offer, but that doesn't mean I don't want to surf the other parts of universe, travelling is just something I can't say no to!!!

Again, thanks for the amazing team of Chowzter and Coca Cola for bringing me to London and experience that gorgeous city for 9 freaking days, each and everyday set numerous of unforgettable moment! I am so fortunate. THANK YOU!!!

A photo of (what was) Sakura flowers to make the opening seems a little gracious and dramatic.
The second day in London was to visit Broadway Market, I initially wanted to go to Borough but the whole participants were divided into two groups and my group was set to go to Broadway Market, nevermind as long as it's still London! *cough*, it took approximately 20 minutes from the Hoxton to Saturday Broadway Market and not until I arrive that I realize how BEAUTIFUL Broadway Market was!!! Don't ever try to compare it to Jakarta's because to be frank, Jakarta (especially Jakartans, including myself) should really learn how to at least kept things clean and tidy, I don't even want to call this market, it's more like a pop-up grocery store with gorgeous backdrop and perfect location!

Broadway Market London is the home of, in a good way, quirky independent entrepreneurs and their tremendous variety of goods starting from food, clothings, flowers, vintage items, coffee shops and many others! Personally I think the market was quite big as it's located pretty much along the Hackney road in East London (FYI East London was where I stayed for the first three nights). Each of us was "accommodated" with 15 pounds as complimentary from the team (hey thanks!), I initially thought that 15 pounds was pretty decent in number but you probably never knew London before you read this so keep on reading ;).

Not far from where the bus stopped, there were already quite a few stalls selling fresh fruits, sandwiches, cakes and cheese!

Look at those muthafuckin fresh oranges! Porn.
Two of the many things I love the most about London were the LIGHT and the freaking WEATHER! London was just so bright and the light spreads comfortably prevalent and smooth all around, just simply effortless to take pictures at, and I noticed significant difference with my photos taken here FML! The weather was cool along the day but freezing cold during mornings and nights, I think didn't once I ever shed a single sweat!

I love these street entertainers, they knew how to play music and sing, the voice of the lead singer sounds like Tom York from Radiohead, quick somebody fund them and make them popular!!!

There were so many stalls that sold cakes and pastries but one of my favorites has got to be the one from VIOLET CAKES! Their Whoopie Pies were so good, chewy and flavorful! I also tried their Lemon Drizzle Cake for 3 pounds (IDR 60k) each, yet hefty for a piece of cake but that's London standard (see?!) and that was also very nice! The cake was moist, fragrant, not overpowering buttery and just lovely!

They also have Chocolate cupcakes made for vegans!
Loving these adorable marshmallows from THE LONDON MARSHMALLOW COMPANY! So pretty!
Mouthwatering roasted chickens!
The other gastronomical venture I managed to try was this Smoken Salmon Beigel! It was delicious, especially the smoked salmon, but I would love it more if the beigels were softer and fluffier.

Assorted tarts, MY GOD I DIE!
More and more cakes! I feel fat just by looking at them X_X.

This smoked salmon on rocket bread was also very lovely, there's something about the seasoning of the smoked salmon that was so humble for super delicious, it was 3 pounds worth spending!
FLOWERS FLOWERS FLOWERS! I was incredibly impressed with how fresh the flowers in London were - they don't need any Photoshop color enhancement.
NO editing on this photo to show you how gorgeous the flowers are!

Strawberry sunflowers! BEAUTIFUL!
I think this was one of the cutest, if not the cutest cake I saw along the market, so damn pretty! It's just unfortunate that I couldn't eat cheese so I didn't try this ;(.
Heart shaped fruit tart, I bought the large version of this one and it was so good with light custard cream and fresh berries! Berry good.
Another talented street musician that needs to be seen by the eyes of the universe!
I love the emotion from this photo <3.

SCOTCH EGGS FTW! Soft boiled egg (yes with runny eggyolk) wrapped in sausage, covered in bread crumbs, fried to crisp! Haggis is a kind of sausage made from organs like heart, lungs and liver, might sound much horror but it tasted far from it, couldn't resist the awesomeness eh!
 Fresh tomatoes! So fresh they looked artificial.
Proceeded to the MERINGUE GIRLS! One of my favorite stalls! Their meringues were pretty (even pretty is not enough) and too die for.

To be honest, the best meringue texture and appearance I've seen so far in my life! Perfectly shaped and tough, but in a bite, fluffier inside and so flavorful and sweet but not overpowering.
In a glance, this market was so "british" and hipster-ish, I noticed that East London was where the people were more urban, fashionable (sometimes dodgy) but upmost, COOL!
Reaching towards the end of the main Broadway Market, we proceeded to some other smaller markets around like the Schoolyard and Netil Market. The venue might not be as spacious as Broadway Market but it's featuring some artisan food producers with their top notch creations!

SUSHI MOCHI! Not only cute but this was a burst of flavor in a bite! Chewy sticky Japanese rice properly baked and seasoned plus your choice of fillings. Heavenly.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken for 4.5 pounds, this was another 4.5 pounds worth spending, and I mean Tuba's pounds because I tried hers and I regretted not having one whole portion for myself, I purchased so many things already I was pretty full back then! It was cooked perfectly, served hot with gorgeous seasoning and accompanied with homemade sauce! I love how the chicken was so crispy without being oily and the meat... OMFG so juicy I even mouthwatered myself right now.


How can I not love those cute London pop-up markets! So hipster.
Managed to get myself a cuppa hot cappuccino, the coffee was pretty intense comparing to those I had here but still in a good way.
Gua Boa from Bao London, soft and fluffy steamed bun with sweet stewed pork belly filling and topped with fresh coriander, one whole bite and it was sex in the mouth.
Netil Market is also the home of what Justin declared as THE BEST BURGER IN WHOLE LONDON and it's by the The Lucky Chip Burger, I was not sure about the best as this one was the only burger I had in London but indeed it was lip-licking good!
I forgot the name of this dish but it was roasted chicken by peanut rice with rocket side, unexpected enough, this wasn't my favorite, the rice was a little hard and bland.

Autumn love... wait it wasn't even autumn.
The Netil Market marked the finish line of the markets on the Broadway street, hence we proceeded back to the drop off point waiting for our bus, while waiting, some of us went to this place called F.Cooke which was highly popular for their hot and jellied eels so we decided to give a try! I loved the texture of the eels and how they geniusly cooked them but as in overall flavor, this wasn't something I heavily fond of, the jellied eels were literally eels wrapped in jelly, nothing special, the other creation with the mashed potato and celery coriander puree was again, not my favorite, better stick with the eels themselves.
BROADWAY MARKET WAS AWESOME!!! I had a lot of fun there trying this and that, also as equal important, took pictures of this and that! The food there was awesome, as well as the ambiance and the humble view. That was probably the first time that I actually like something called 'market', if markets in Jakarta actually looked like this, I would love to go to the markets each and every day, but nature wise, our weather and London's is different already ok better go back to bed.

We were lucky to visit the market during weekends and in Saturday because I just learned that Saturdays are when the market was on its most complete and opened earliest! For more info regarding to the Broadway Market, visit their official website HERE!

I still have tons of London travel stories to share because as what I have mentioned earlier, I had bliss and new experiences each and every day during my trip there, the case of first timer-tourist ;p, stick with me I'm going to post them as soon as possible after I'm done editing all the photos (TONS!!!) while juggling with everyday's business!

...but to be honest, I am more than happy that I can share my stories and my thoughts with you and have this blog to publicly express it, I just love story telling and showing off MWAHAHAHA! Just kidding you guys!

Okay, it's almost 3 AM now I better go to bed got so many things to do tomorrow woohoo! *stressed*

Broadway Market London
London E8 4PH
London Underground Station: Bethnal Green (15 minutes walk)
Railway Stations: Cambridge Heath, London Fields, Haggerston
Buses: 55, 394


Map for Broadway Market London

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  1. Geez, Hans. The photos are flawless. And London is so freaking beautiful (and delicious)! I need to save to go there ASAP!

  2. OMG, I think by far this is my favorite post from this blog. It is full of color and obviously an eye-candy not only for my eyes but the tummy. hahaha. damn, the foodporn and the flower-bomb!

    why aren't there any street hawker/seller selling beautiful and fresh flowers here in Jakarta? Or is it me who didn't go out that often. hahaha. and strawberry sunflower, oh my, they are so pretty.

    and all the cakes man, they look so so so delicious. and Meringue Girls! I have seen lots of your instagram post featuring the meringues, never thought it was Meringue Girls'. I saw them before in a UK television show, Cooks to Market. I thought they no longer sell their products in Broadway Market!

    Anyway, I have just seen the new layout of your blog, now with several posts in a page. Just a feedback that I think the previous one is better. hehe. But it is good to rotate or change things every once in a while. Do I talk too much? Haha, keep on writing and taking pictures! Good day!

  3. omg, this is sooooo london-ish! i wish i'll get my chance to go there, i freaking love london so so damn much. you're so lucky! please post another about your london trip ^^

    Janice Dirga

  4. What an amazing vacation!! I love your photos and your stories!

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