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The highly anticipated Sake+ is now officially open for public and just yesterday night, I got the chance to try out some so many of their menus and yes I couldn't wait to blog about this to y'all and yes it's what I am doing.

Sake+ is another culinary venture from the VIN+ group which already gained recognition from the VIN+ restaurant, and claimed itself as (what currently) the restaurant with the largest Sake collection in Jakarta! That's why you're going to find this place to be pretty much like a Sake gallery. Sake+ is located in Senopati (yes, another breakthrough in that super posh area) and located just across the freshly opened Pipiltin Cocoa. From the exterior, the restaurant clearly looked 'rich' in the Japanese-minimalist architecture and once you step your feet inside, it's like the Alcoholized version of Heaven for Sake lovers! Hundreds of Sake and Sochu bottles and varieties displayed on stacks of cabinet and glass display fridge.

OK PHOTOS!!! Beware, this post contains so many bottles of alcohol LOL!

The feeling of this place was seriously Japanese, from the major wood material application, the colors, the lamps and many more. In a sense, fancy but homey and humble.
I don't know what you call this but it looked like Sake barrels to me and there were a lot of these!

Chio shot! As you can see, tons of display!

This was the most premium one as well as THE MOST EXPENSIVE.

The restaurant's divided into two floors and you're going to find a Sake bar and several dining areas right before the stairs to the upper level, the ambiance of the lower dining area was gloomy, moody but still very Japanese and comfy and the upper dining area was a little brighter, especially for lunch as it had windows allowing access to outdoor.

The Sake bar.

There's also a sort-of more private area because this one's located inside a room, wasn't sure if this is VIP because they only had several tables and sitting mats.
The upper level is where you're going to have the live access to the kitchen and made sure no one spits on your food.
Their signature HOT POT, this is where the Soup of The Day is created and they roll the daily menu.
Before the glorious array of menu served to us, we're gladly presented with some sparkling sake to start with and the first two courses were paired with sake so it was a little like Sake pairing as well. Nice! Me love the sparkling sake! It was light and mild, not very significant difference with sparkling wine to be honest.
The first sake was unique because it kicked off very heavy and strong but in seconds faded to be very light and more consumable. I didn't find any myth behind sake pouring because if you know Soju (Korea's signature alcohol beverage), there's this myth that you should have others pour the Soju to your glass and no one's should ever pour the Soju for their own, myth speaking they'd be single forever WTF -.-".


Currently their menu is still pretty limited, but the range was still pretty good, so I guess if you really want to dig in to their menus, you better spare them a little time to complete everything, and for the food, they're focusing and specializing on the Izakaya-style menu and Izakaya cuisine actually translated roughly as those pairable with comfort drinks like *ahem* alcohol, like Sushi, Rice Bowls, Sashimi, Japanese Pasta, Soba, Udon, Teppan, and Robatayaki. Me personally not a big alcohol person, I don't drink except for certain social reasons.

This was a good opening, Edamame just never failed to make everyone digging for more! If restaurant failed to serve a decent Edamame then it's time for you to get the hell out.

This was actually grilled ray fin, I personally thought this was dried squid. Despite the lack of appetizing feeling on the appearance, this was unexpectedly quite addicting, crispy texture with softer inside making it chewy. This was the first dish paired with the dry sake.

Kaisen Salad
IDR 110k
The mayo sesame sauce was lovely, tasty, a little tangy and went well with all the fresh ingredients (lettuce, paprika, baby tomato, salmon, tuna, octopus), the portion also topped with a little Salmon roe. Another good opening, simple yet quite delish.

Ebi Shinjyo Age
IDR 70k
This was deep fried shrimp balls and they were very juicy, tasty, savory and flavorful! It came with Ponzu sauce to pair with, the Ponzu sauce was light, tangy and just a nice dip!

IDR 35k
Satsumaage was actually fish cake and there are three available options in Sake+: plain, with Edamame and with Gobo (spring onion). The texture was chewy and the seasoning was light, my favorite was the one with Edamame because it had a little play of texture. The portion came with soy and ginger dipping sauce and having the ginger in the sauce was adding more excitement to the experience.

With Gobo (spring onion)
With Edamame

Tori Karaage
IDR 45k
Deep fried chicken thigh meat. This one was very juicy, fragrant and seasoned lightly but tasty.

Gyutan Amiyaki
IDR 150k
If you don't know what Gyutan is, it's actually ox tounge (yes it's tounge). Even though personally I love the thinner slices of Gyutan, this one was a little thicker than I usually have but they were cooked perfectly and still leaving the Gyutan to be very juicy and chewy.

I still don't understand how tounge could have this meat like texture, one silly question then came along: does human's tounge actually had that kind of texture as well?

Karubi Amayaki
IDR 280k
This was my favorite dish of the night! The beef was premium and marbled amazingly, more to surprise, they were cooked perfectly! Just super tender and juicy, beside the meat itself, gotta give it to the amazing teriyaki sauce which took my breath away. The seasoning, the texture and the thickness was so good! The most Indonesian of me actually craved for rice to pair with, could be a great match.

Hamachi Kama
IDR 160k
Despite the lack of appearance, the meat was very soft, smooth and juicy, especially the middle-ish part.

Gindara Shio
This was another surprise, and I love everything that's beyond my expectation. The meat was incredibly silky, smooth, extremely lean and seasoning fairly light using Shio (salt), meanwhile, the skin was cooked amazingly crispy and the seasoning on the skin was bolder and meant to be consumed along with the meat so the balance was just perfect! Highly recommended.

Beef Teriyaki Roll
Sushi with paprika filling wrapped in flavorful Beef Teriyaki. The overall flavor was good but not out of the world head over heels good.

Ebi Tempura Roll
IDR 60k
This one was my most favorite rolls served that day (there were only two actually), the filling (especially the ebi tempura) was generous! The tempura had this medium sized chunks along with fresh lettuce, cucumber and garnished with Tobiko all over the coating.

Kanitama Udon
IDR 120k
This was the sample portion.
I pretty much liked this! The broth was savory, somehow rich and salty in proper way. The udon's texture was good and chewy. One portion of this consist of nori, Kani crab, egg and sprinkled with thin sliced spring onion.

Besides they delicious Izakaya cuisine that I tried, I also got the chance to try out some of their signature pretty Sake cocktails!

IDR 120k
It was named Kyuri because we drank the liquid using...yes, you guessed it, Kyuri (cucumber). This was really good, probably my favorite of the night because this was amazing in the balance: not too strong and not too sweet. This cocktail consist of dry Sake, Cassis, Strawberry, Lime juice and Gin, serving it in Kyuri actually added a plus point because the flavor of the cucumber that stick along with the cocktail actually toned down the intensity and added a little freshness.

Sakura Castle
IDR 110k
If you're into strong drinks then this one might fit you nicely. The overall texture and flavor was creamy, fruity (blueberry and yogurt) and foamy with baileys and light rum infused. I adore how creative they were with the flower inside the ice cubes!

IDR 100k
This was refreshing but not much different than the common Sake I tried, just stronger and sourer.
Red Eyes Dragon
IDR 100k
This particular drink was light and sweet, short to say, the right one for the ladies with Gin, pomegranate, strawberry and red dragon fruit.
IDR 100k
For some personal reasons, I think the strawberry flavor kinda dominated the whole beverages and the a little overwhelming, but overall this one was another light beverage with dry Sake, Gin, strawberry and lemon juice infused.

Night Jar
IDR 100k
This was my favorite of the night! It was really fragrant, sweet and in a sense feminine but quite strong, but not that kind of overwhelming strong, okay I'm NO GOOD at explaning sakes! Come here and try.
Had a blasted dinner here, the fact that I went here with my foodie friends just made it better, well they say good companions with good chats and good laughs made the ambiance more alive :).

The food here was good, some were spectacular and maybe some needed more effort to WOW me, but I must say the sake was really good! Good range of product and flavor, this is surely the place where you should go to find the best sake in town!

Welcome to the biz, Sake+ and don't stop pouring the sake! GOOD LUCK!

Jl. Senopati Raya No. 54 (across Pipiltin Cocoa)
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12110
021 - 725 0002
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 12 AM (weekdays), closed at 2 AM for weekends.
Price Range: IDR 50k - IDR 300k (F&B)


Map for Jalan Senopati

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