Been to Mujigae a couple of times but since it’s the first time that I did a proper photo taking and actually pay attention to the menus, here I am doing a review. I guess better late than never ait? #defensive

Truthfully speaking, the Korean wave is not at its peak comparing to the few years before, but I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon and that has impacted our culture in (for me) delicious way, one of it is the existence of Mujigae! I guess if you’re really into Korean or specifically, Korean food enthusiast, then I am pretty sure that at least you’ve been here once before.

Mujigae is a product developed and managed by the group that also owns Platinum, Bakso Malang Karapitan, Gokana Teppanyaki and Raa Cha and yup it’s NOT a franchise brand, Mujigae is actually an Indonesian brand.

Since I've been here before, that thing I love about Mujigae really are the affordability of the food and how it align with what the concept and product they’re offering: decent casual Korean food. As you guys probably know, Korean restaurants are normally not cheap, some even quite hefty and sort of not worth it but I won’t name names. Mujigae already has some outlets spread in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, Bogor and Bandung but I happened to visit this particular outlet in Gading Walk, Mall Kelapa Gading. Nuff yakking, let’s do a little tour!

The interior had this catchy-popping youthful feeling to it!
On my day of visit, they were having this love lock competition where the winners could win the chance to go to Korea with their couple! I think you guys really need to stay tuned on their updates because the contests seem pretty exciting!

The casuality is in a way, well developed with the order system, since they also claim themselves as “digital casual korean restaurant”, in each table, you’re going to find an iPad that you can use to look at the menu overview and place your order! Not only that, you can also request Korean tracks and actually take selfies and decorate it with the fun stickers and frames available! Don’t worry, the program is very user friendly J.
Tried some of their menus and here they are in the nutshell:

Green Tea Salt
IDR 19k
First of all, a nice little treat for only IDR 19k and I mean, that presentation is really cute! So far so good <3. Anyway, for those who’re wondering, it’s actually their homemade green tea beverage served upside down on the sea salt cream. The idea is to simply lift up the bottle so that the tea left mixed with the sea salt cream and then stir to mix. Well it depends on how you want to serve it actually, it’s your drink, it’s your idea! The green tea flavor was sweet and light and the sea salt cream just balanced everything out.

Korean Chicken Wings
IDR 24k
Perfectly cooked and seasoned chicken wings! The coating was crispy while the meat remain tender and juicy with ingredients absorbing well. The sauce glazing was generous and tasty as well!
Yangnyeom Chicken Topokki
IDR 38k
Topokki (korean rice cake) is normally hot and spicy but this one you can set how spicy you want it to be. Their default one was spicy but still mild and the toppoki was cooked perfectly, dressed in spicy and tasty Gochujang sauce and beautifully cooked deep fried battered chicken!
Spicy Bulgogi Bibimyun (with Tokichi)
IDR 39k
If you know Bibimbap (local Korean dish featuring rice with lots of toppings), Mujigae is getting a little creative by launching “Bibimyun”, so instead of using rice like bibimbap, they’re using the korean ramyun as the base! Mujigae offers four different topping options: Classic, Spicy Tokochi, Bulgogi, and Beef Ham, while their Bibimyun is available in two flavors: original and spicy and since spicy is – most of the times – interesting, I went with that. In one portion, you’re going to find zucchini, onion, fried spring onion, bulgogi (of course) and deep fried battered egg. As you can see, the topping was pretty generous and honestly, I liked the flavor, it’s not as spicy as I expected (but you can always add more) but there’s this decent blend of sweet and savory and the noodle was nicely cooked and slightly chewy.

Spicy Cheese Bibimbap
IDR 39k
For someone who doesn’t really like cheese, this one I could totally tolerate, it’s not actually very cheesy because when you mix all the ingredients in, the cheese will contribute in giving this sticky consistency and giving this slighty salty-savory flavor to your meal. I honestly liked their bibimbap because of its flavor, generous topping and unexplainable sense of humbleness to it!

Dining in Mujigae is just the lovely option for those who love humble Korean food with very affordable price! I found the food generally quite tasty for my liking and I don’t want to compare it with the other Korean restaurants in town because their concept, product and target market is completely different and I truly realize that. Even though I don’t get the comments I read on my Instagram when I posted this but I’ll still respect them, but if you guys really want something premium then it’s funny that you guys went to Mujigae instead of the more high end ones.


Mujigae Casual Korean Food
Gourmet Walk, Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Jalan Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240
021 - 4584 8978
Pricing: $$
Dresscode: casual

Bandung: Festival Citylink (1st fl) // Cihampelas Walk (Young Street)
Tangerang: Summarecon Mal Serpong (Downtown Walk) // Supermal Karawaci (GF)
Bekasi: Grand Metropolitan Mall (UG floor) // Summarecon Mall Bekasi (GF)
Depok: Margo City (GF)
Bogor: Botani Square (2nd fl)


Map for Mal Kelapa Gading

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