One of the most frequently asked questions (faq) is “how do I found out about new places?”, well the answer for that could be quite various, there are times when my Instagram friends tagged me on a picture uploaded by the restaurants, quite accidentally found it when I was around a certain area (let’s say PIK) and eventually remembering, from the food bloggers (because we do share info) and from the non food bloggers (friends and families)... and in this case, this one, my friend first told me about this.

It’s scary but AMAZING how this particular friend of mine knows almost all the upcoming bars, lounges, pubs and clubs, but his specialties are those kind of places (almost party places), well gotta thank him anyway hence I found out about this place, The Prohibition, located in Arcadia Senayan. I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly a bar/pub, it’s more like a restaurant with a bar. As soon as I stepped inside, I totally fell for the concept and the ambiance! They’re trying to reenact the 1920’s prohibition era: the color, the design and the details of this restaurant really created that moody-dark-dimmed ambiance, but the feeling to it was cozy and overall beautiful, ironically, the 1920 prohibition era was when the alcohol, manufacturing, import-export trading were restricted and banned and here they are selling one! But that’s ok the prohibition ended on 1933 anyway! LOL.
 FELL for the menu design!!! Love everything about the menu design starting from the idea, the color charting and the execution! Haven’t even entered the dining area and I was impressed already!

 I like the fact that they can set the bar display mechanically! Just cool! Anyway, a good way to prevent the authorities from PROHIBITING them from selling the alcohols on Ramadhan. Police prohibition checked ;).

 They had this little room for wine and cigar storage, saw some good names there!

They also have this special “member only” area that I was exclusively allowed to browse and access in. YAY! They call this "The Speakeasy”, to have the grand access to this super exclusive lounge, you have to sign up as the members and subscribe. There's a mini bar "decorated" in what I'd love to refer as popping bottles, a stage completed with musical instruments for performers to perform (heard Barry Likumahua performed here) and also two VIP rooms for a private karaoke session with your fellas.

Tried out some of their menus starting from the appetizers to the dessert. The menu here is dominated with western-American cuisine, typical “FOOD FIT FOR GANGSTERS”. The range was quite big and all seemed promising, but here are the ones that I tried. As for food bloggers, it’s not the best restaurant for picture taking as it’s actually quiet dark, so learning from me you might want to bring your external flash and snap. The photos here have gone thru major editing and I edited it all with the Lana tone I created on Photoshop, will share the tutorial soon, but for the Afterlight users, you can check my tutorial HERE.

French Onion Soup
IDR 65k
I was a little terrified for the amount of onion in that single portion, but the soup happened to be pretty tasty! There’s this decent blend of sweet and savory and the Emmental cheese just made everything better.
The Tuna and Foie Gras
IDR 119k
The serving consist of hot and cold Mesclun (mix of salad) with chilled sesame tuna, pan-fried Foie Gras, green beans, cherry tomatoes, French dressing and truffle oil! Hands down to the Tuna and Foie Gras, both were perfectly cooked, lightly seasoned and just yum! The dressing on the Mesclun was very light (almost none) but the freshness from the ingredients spoke for itself!

Maine Lobster Cocktail
IDR 249k
They’re using fresh Canadian lobster for this special appetizer, the serving came with avocado slices, celery cubes, iceberg lettuce and Brandy cocktail sauce. Having this with the lemon juice is a must! The lobster was very fresh and naturally sweet, only it smelt a little fishy when you didn’t have it with the lemon juice.
Rib Eye US Prime (350 gr)
IDR 425k
My absolute favorite! First, it came in such a big portion: 350 freaking grams and secondly, simply for the perfectly cooked meat! The seasoning was simple, I noticed they’re using the Broiler cooking method, for those who don’t know, Broiler is a high temperature cooking gadget and method where you can cook up to 700 degree Fahrenheit! It’s clearly shown from the outcome of my steak: crispy on the outside, tender medium meat inside and juicy fatty fat!

Toffee Date Pudding Dessert
This happens to be their best seller and after trying this, I had no wonder why! Frankly, this was one of the best Toffee dessert I’ve tried yet. I love the overall balance of the flavor: not too sweet, creamy, caramelly, and topped with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and glazed strawberry <3. Pretty yet appetizing!
Pimm’s Cup
IDR 180k
The range of their housemade beverages are insane, pages of long drink list, hyperbolically I could spend two days reading one by one :P, but as you guys know, I don’t drink, but this one was too cute to be missed. I had the “mocktail” version and guess what? SUPER LOVE IT! It’s very refreshing, fruity, sparkling almost like holy juice! I assume the alcohol version will be more intense (of course) but still fruity. The serving portion can be shared for three people and it’s quite affordable for IDR 180k!

Had a good experience dining here! Love the concept, love the decor/design, love the food and for some reasons that I felt, this place has a good potential of becoming one of the hottest spots in town, if only they can keep up with all the good quality! It’s just that I see this place is packaged nicely, it better be align with the good food, service and all. Pricing wise, I wouldn’t say it’s the most affordable but is it worth it? Well I personally think so.

I wish you, The Prohibition, the best of luck, and everyone’s not prohibited to fall in love with that you have in store.

PS: As this post is written, they currently only open starting from 5 PM, but I heard they're opening for lunch soon!

The Prohibition Chophouse and Speakeasy Bar
Jalan New Delhi No. 9 Unit X215-217 Arcadia, Senayan
Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 5790 1295
Opening Hours: 5 PM - 1 AM
Pricing: $$$
Dresscode: sporty casual, no sandals


Map for Plaza Senayan (Arcadia is the building behind PS)

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