Good news: I think I just found the best place to have Padang cuisine in Jakarta, and it’s located just near where I live.

Food has a very essential role in my life and I’m always excited whenever I have the chance to talk about local cuisine (which I don’t always get the chance to). I really don’t know how to explain it and don’t want to come with excuses, but I just haven’t got that big of a chance to write posts about the local F&B scene, but as far as I concern, here I am writing one.

I live in the western part of Jakarta and it’s a major advantage to live in such “gifted” area like Kota and around, by gifted I mean filled with great food that open until late. Serbaraso is located in Batu Tulis, around Pecenongan area, which made more famous thanks to the pioneer of Martabak Nutella and Toblerone (Martabak Pecenongan 65A). Location wise, Serbaraso is bloody strategic! It’s located exactly between Pondok Laguna and Ikan Bakar Cianjur making it almost impossible not to notice. Venue wise, it’s quite large as well.

Not much with the design, it’s just a proper, simple but comfortable place to have your meals and spend your precious time with your loved ones, the outdoor (aka smoking area) capacity was way smaller comparing to the indoor area but I would care less to that (HAHA) #peoplewhodontsmokealwayswin!

I bet 99% of you automatically proceed your brain to think that Serbaraso came from Padang – just because it serves Padang cuisine -, but actually it came from Pekanbaru, where there they already have three outlets. I love their idea to give the customers the preview of their Pekanbaru outlets on the looping videos showed on the TV screen. The outlets looked waymore traditional, but in a sense, I prefer eating their food there to get me that extra local ambiance, I bet my experience would be somehow more different, in the best and most delicious way!

It’s a little different this time, if normally the food’s served on the table with larger plates, theirs came in small plates, but in a way still plenty enough to keep the food. I must point this out as I believe it’s important! WHATEVER GETS SERVED ON YOUR TABLE WILL END IN THE BIN, TOUCHED OR NOT TOUCHED. They won’t return the food on the display, BIG POINT FOR HYGIENE RIGHT THERE!
Price range starts from IDR 20k-IDR 30k for these little goodies!

I got the information that most of the ingredients are imported straight from Pekanbaru because they want to really achieve the quality standard they’ve set, reflecting on the awesomeness of the ones in the origin.
The problem is, I don’t think you’ll be that crazy not to finish their food, so I assume there won’t be any food wasted.

Es Kelapa Jeruk
IDR 20k
Make sure you kick off the array of goodness with their infamous Kerupuk Jangek Gulai. As simple as this dry and crispy cow skin crackers, the perfectly executed curry did all the talking. It was really the game changer to this simple dish, my suggestion is to ask for more curry and drenched everything in that curry!

Rendang Bakar
I can tell that the ingredients used here is fresh and there’s nothing frozen (yuck), it’s just that the freshness of the meat won’t lie one’s palate. From the a la carte menu, I highly suggest you guys ordering their Rendang Bakar, which happens to be their signature dish and they’re brave enough to claim that they’re the first to come with this idea. The Rendang Bakar tasted just like heaven. Imagine your favorite rendang being grilled and then re-seasoned and as the outcome: that perfect rendang in your mind + smokey aroma + seasoning that goes right into the ultra tender meat. This is seriously the MUST MUST MUST order. I’m not gonna stop raving about this.

Ikan Bakar Duo Raso
Still from the A la Carte, Ikan Bakar Dua Raso (two flavor grill fish) is also not to miss. The perfectly cooked fish was cooked in two sauces: coconut milk and their homemade spicy sauce with a little glaze of citrus, lime and slightly sour. My personlal favorite was still the original one as the sauce felt thicker and bolder in terms of flavor.
For those who thought that this was eggplant, raise your hands! It’s actually Ikan Salai, a type of eel fish founded in Pekanbaru. They cook it dry and cripsy and served with homemade sambal. The sambal was the bomb, just perfectly savory and spicy.
Dining in Serbaraso really set my standard for Padang cuisine. The food here is really really good, short to say: it’s currently my most favorite spot to have Padang cuisine at the moment and that Rendang Bakar of theirs, bars take off... BOOM! I consider the pricing as affordable and just worth it. While each and every Padang restaurants has their own value, that something special about them but what makes me eventually label this is simply because I feel like their food stays really close to my heart and proceed to make me think about them...and crave. Maybe in the future I might have to update this title, but that is...maybe.

I heard that they’re going to apply this new ordering method where the staff will continuously go around the restaurant with carriage filled with food. I think it’s a pretty good idea and unique, I hope I will see that on my future visit.

OH DAYUM DAYUM! Thanks for reading peeps, 3 AM NOW GOIN TO BED *YAWN*


Jalan Batu Tulis Raya No. 41
Jakarta Pusat 10120
021 - 3890 1794
Pricing: $$ - IDR 150k for two
Dresscode: none, casual as hell
WiFi: Yes


Map for Serbaraso

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