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I am in between crazy hectic days and just getting back from my marvelous marvelous trip in Surabaya. OMG I really can’t wait to show you the diary! I am planning to write the whole experience into one post, but yes it will cost me a lot of hours to edit all the pictures and do the writing! But if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get the quick picture, stay tuned for the whole loaded post!

Today I am going to be sharing you this cute little finding that I feel worth sharing and writing about. If normally you'll find me writing about seated dinings, they technically have seats in the outlet, but this will be just a little different.

Crepe Signature is that cute little finding I was referring to, located in Cipinang Mall at the east of Jakarta, this Malaysian originated brand has been opening its outlets in Indonesia for the past couple of months. Internationally, this brand is quite known in Malaysia (origin country), Singapore and Brunai Darusallam. In Indonesia itself, besides Jakarta, you can find this in Bandung and Solo. Heard they'll expand more soon. I noticed they were playing the tapes from the grand opening, they invited Teuku Rassya as the guest star and of course with his charm, he managed to get a lot of his fans gathering around.

Quick shots of the crepe making process:

For the variants here, they did emphasize on the chocolate creations, but they also offered the customers some savory selections and some with ice cream toppings. The thing that I love about their crepes is not only their enormous size, but the texture, flavor and consistency as well! The crepes were generally crispy, the filling was generous and seemed good quality one (not just some shitty chocolate), and for the amount of price that you're paying, it's VERY AFFORDABLE (I'm even willing to pay more to be honest). If this is not affordable for most, I don't know what affordable really means to you and I won't get it. Anyway, I managed to try some to let's dig in!
Chocolate Dip
IDR 14k
This one's called "Chocolate Dip", basically their homemade signature chocolate paste as the base and sprinkled with colorful "ceres". As what I've told you, I love the flavor of the chocolate, I don't really know exactly how to explain it but it just doesn't taste cheap and fake, it's that flavorful rich dark chocolate with light consistency. THE BEST THING ABOUT IT? IT'S ONLY 14 FREAKING K!!! ($1,1).

 A picture to show you how crispy and flaky the crepe is! Roar.
Chocolate Cheese Banana
IDR 17k
Same base with banana and cheese. Banana and chocolate just never disappoints! 

Chicken Sausage Cheese Savory Crispy
IDR 20k
If I am not mistaken, I think this was their most expensive, but for that price, you're getting...this:
 GENEROUS FILLING OF SAUSAGE, CRAB STICKS, CHEESE AND DRESSED IN BBQ AND MAYONAISSE! Flavor wise, it's quite yum as well! You got the sweetness from the sauce, the savoriness from the sauce and the sausage and that little touch of neutral from the crab stick and greens!
Ice Cream Crepe
IDR 16k
 As an ice-cream sucker, this was one of my favorites! Generally they were good but this was just a little more over the top (in a good way) with the ice cream! This one was only IDR 16k and you're technically paying for two scoops of ice-creams, good crepe, toppings and sauces! Something that you might not see very often anywhere else in Jakarta! Thank you Crepe Signature for bringing this guilty pleasure this CHEAP!
 Besides crepes, they also have some of their signature tea beverage creations like milk teas, originals, fruit based and smoothies completed with topping selections! On the left side is their Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea (IDR 20k) which was good! The rich chocolate flavor blended very well with generous but not overpowering Hazelnut flavor, not to mention, fragrant as well! The right side will be their Japanese Matcha Milk Tea (IDR 18k) and Kiwi Green Tea (IDR 17k) - the one at the back was the Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea -, the Matcha Milk Tea was decent but the Kiwi Green Tea managed to steal my attention with the amazing mixture of fragrant green tea and Kiwi flavor. FAVE!
Had a great short visit to Crepe Signature and I was quite pleased with everything that they're offering: starting from the crepes to the drinks, everything was good and best of all: supah dupah affordable...more like CHEAP! Now I am craving for their Crepe Ice Cream damnit!

Thanks for reading :)

Crepe Signature
Mall Cipinang Indah 3rd fl.
Jalan Raya Kalimalang Kav. 88
Jakarta Timur 13420
Pricing: $


Map for Mall Cipinang Indah

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