If you guys follow me on Instagram, you must notice that I just came back from my Bandung trip, it’s actually a media trip held by Hilton Bandung, and I went with some bloggers and media that I actually am friends with! Sometimes when it’s a short trip, it’s just nice to travel with the people you know, so you don’t waste your time getting to know people that might not leave the best impressions. In the mood to write so I guess I’ll write a little part of my experience and save the rest for the upcoming posts.

This trip is sponsored by the gorgeous Hilton Bandung, but this is not an ad and I didn’t receive any monetary compensation in return.

Hilton remains one of my most favorite hotels in Bandung and I think if we're not staying in rented villas, it’s more like “always” when I have my family trip to Bandung, it’s just because the rooms are HUGE comparing to the hotels I’ve been before, so space wise, one twin room can actually fit 4-5 people. Click HERE to read my previous Hilton trip.
This time I am going to be talking about my experience dining in Purnawarman and by the time I went there, they were having this dining program called “Nourish Me” where there will be different theme for each week, and one of it was the Indian cuisine promotion that I experienced for dinner. The previous week was Korean and currently running: Chinese until March 29th.

A little about Purnawarman: it’s Hilton Bandung’s largest restaurant accomodating (mainly) buffet (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and a la carte for the guests. For someone like me - who’s been there for let’s say 5 times – the food is generally consistent with pretty good range & variety! Having breakfast here surely doesn’t waste my calorie! OMG I will be freaking outraged if I wasted my calorie on bad food! If let’s say you have the limit of 2700 calories in a day, I am surely going to blood vomit all the bad food to retrieve my limit back! HA!

I actually sampled the Indian cuisine (Chennai to be exact) on last year’s “HighFive Asian Culinary Summit” media trip, and that wasn’t disappointing either. Chef Daniel from Hilton Seoul actually came back (but I didn’t meet him, just saw him on the poster), alongside him, Chef Ashok Eapen from India and Chef David Du from China with their own magnificent cooking charm!

The Indian cuisine was placed on a single station and the obviously still serve the International. The chef, Ashok Eapen came from the South India so the menu was dominated with south Indian cuisine, while last year, I sampled the cuisine from the Northern part of India. The food was as delicate looking and this time came in larger range and selections, enough yakking let the photo tour ya.

Noodle station

Pasta station

Japanese station

Dessert station! *heavenly voice background*

ICE CREAM STATION brings tears
Just wet my bed!

You’re going to find some of Indian’s well known dishes like Semiya Pasam (vermicelli dish with milk), Kal Dosai (spongy dosa), Tomato Brasmati Rice, Pacha Sambhar (green lentil stew), Coorgi Chicken Curry, Vegetable Theeyal, Kerala Fish Mango Curry and some desserts like Coconut Semolina Balls, Stuffed Banana Fritters and many more! GEEZ I AM HUNGRY.

When I had the Indian dishes, unexpectedly, the flavor was actually very Indonesian and less contrast and intense comparing to common Indian dishes I've had before in Jakarta and the curry actually tasted "rendang" like, but it's actually my lack of knowledge after Chef Ashen told me that south Indian dishes actually has slightly different touch when it comes to the serving, food menus and intensity of the flavor and in a nutshell, almost Indonesian like! Actually it doesn't matter because it's just EQUALLY GOOD. Pairing the curry with the tomato Indian rice and papadum was just PERFECT! I just wished that they actually served the plain Brasmati rice instead of ordering the A La Carte.

Anyway, dining in Purnawarman is relatively affordable, you only need to spend IDR 230k++ for all that above <3.

Thank you Hilton Bandung for inviting me back! It was a pleasant weekend trip. XO!

For last year's trip -> HERE

Hilton Hotel Bandung
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 41-43
Bandung, West Java 40171, Indonesia
022 - 8606 6888
Check in: 2 PM, Check out: 12 PM


Map for Hilton Bandung

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