This post is going to be a quick update of my specta-cular-cles diary. In case you didn’t read my previous post, so here’s the thing: I have been constantly using my glasses ever since I discovered Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses, and when I say constantly, I mean every single freaking day. The amazing feature of this lens is the capability to adapt with the UV light sensitivity and it will darken out as soon as the lens detected the UV, and it will darken more as the UV value gets stronger. AWESOME NOT?

Hereby I also want to answer a few emails from my readers asking me about the availability of Transitions® lenses, well, you can have it almost everywhere in major optics in Jakarta, you can choose your favorite frame to be paired with your Transitions® Signature™ lenses. The lens is also available in two colors: grey or brown. Honestly, doesn’t really matter what lens color you want, they still equally provide seamless enhanced vision, it’s just that the brown color will give you the better contrast between red and green colors, while the grey one provides neutral colour perception!

Talking about the frame, each people has different face shape and there’s always a frame for your “frame”, my face is the mixture of square with a oval so the rectangle shaped  frame will help me enhance my face and making it look slimmer *psst*. I love black frames just because it look cool. The best idea is to actually go to the optics and try out the frames!
Aside from the emails, the responds came mostly from the real life (sounds so dramatic). My friends happen to notice as my lens turn darker during the day and asking me what it actually is and how can darkened out. One of it was my friend, Aline, actually convinced her BF to convert to Transitions® lenses for the sake of health. I’m actually like a good saint converting everyone to the Transitions movement. Lesson to learn!

On my daily basis, I honestly found that my new glasses has benefited me in so many ways. First of all, clearer vision . Told you guys on the earlier post that I’ve been having a little trouble to noticing to little details as my vision will unfocussed and a little blurry. I kinda ignored it and opted to be careless instead of visiting my GP, but after a consultation session and eventually converting to glasses+suggested prescripton, my vision is now clearer and reading small details is such a piece of cake and not to mention, with the help of Transitions® Signature™ Adaptive lens, its photochromic technology helps me protect my eyes from the harmful UV light as well as managing the amount of light to enhance my vision!You may think you can use ordinary clear lenses but you’re forgetting about UV protection! So do use Transitions® Signature™ lenses, that’s a long lasting commitment for great investment returns right there.
 Appearance wise, I proudly say that I can still look cool with the glasses – and that’s the second brilliant point -, wearing this might make you look a little mature (as what my friends told me), but in a good way. It’s the idea of combining the frame with the lens, and that has to do with your own personal style J.

As a blogger who specializes in food and lifestyle, I eat and take pictures of food everyday. I use DSLR and a fix lens and I have to pay attention to details of the food. Gotta admit that sometimes I end up missing the point on the wrong area and have to retake the photo shoots, even once or twice redo the whole shoot (depth of field could be very thin and tricky) </3.

Here are some of the photos taken the past two weeks:

Sharing a little true story here, my dad just had his cataract surery last week and has been using glasses his whole life. Cataracts can be caused by several factors, but mainly because of the age factor and UV-B ray attack. According to the doctor, my dad was so close to losing its left eye’s vision as the white cataract clouding the eye was thick enough, bet he’s quite traumatized now because he’s been sitting at home very quietly and joking around his eye condition, the doctor even recommended him to purchase Transitions® Signature™ lenses, so I guess he should be converting in short.

For those of you who are wondering if the lens work properly outside Asia or anywhere in the world, because geographically, each continent, countries or part of the world has something different, but rest assured as the official release of Transitions lens has announced that it has gone through 200 real life conditions in 1000+ scenarios representing various temperatures, weather conditions and geographies!

You deserve to read the truth, see clearly and feel genuinely and why don’t you? Life’s too short to be “out of focus” and your eyes are the key to the best of the world! I personally highly recommend this lens for you all. Cheers to the better vision!

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For more information about the Transitions® Signature™ lenses:

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