It’s like forever since the last time I write an article about Indonesian restaurant and here I am doing one. As an avid fan of duck, it’s actually not very hard to find decent ducks in Jakarta as I rarely find bad ones here and one of them is this AMAZING duck restaurant that I went to few weeks back called Bebek Malio Tebet.

Bebek Malio is located in Tebet Timur Raya, it might not be located on the main Tebet road (Tebet Raya), but it’s actually not very far from Bloop and Endorse  (if you know them), so it’s still pretty accessible, well hello you have your Waze on the mobile phone so rest assure, plus there will be this huge “BEBEK MALIO” signboard indicating you’re on the right venue! The restaurant had this semi-open concept with lovely local and traditional look, wood material and bricks dominating the architecture, interior & furniture. Smoking area’s available on the outdoor area.

 I found the numbering VERY CUTE!
Guessed it! The menu here was dominated by duck creations and followed by chicken. I found their creations somehow different comparing to the more mainstream ones as they have “Bebek Remuk” and their signature “Special Green Curry Sauce”, and the dining sure gets even better with various side dishes that you can choose like “Crispy Mushroom", "Stir-fried Water Spinach", "Stir-fried Bean Sprouts", "Sayur Asam" and some more! The price range for the food here starts from IDR 5k-IDR 26,5k and the drinks starts from IDR 4k-IDR 20k.

Es Jeruk Kelapa Muda
IDR 12k
Refreshing beverage, perfect for the day especially when Jakarta's hot as hell! I love that it's cheap but the flavor wasn't!
Jamur Crispy
IDR 16k
Their jamur crispy (cripsy mushroom) came in BIG portion, I love the juiciness of the mushroom but I think they should work on the crispiness because it’s not quite there yet, however the light seasoning enchance the yum!
Sayur Asam
IDR 10k
Nicely executed Sayur Asam! Nicely seasoned with perfectly balanced spicy, sweet and sour.
Left: Kangkung, Right: Tumis Tauge (both IDR 12k)
Both of this was cooked and seasoned beautifully, and me also loving that smoky wok-hei aroma which simply makes everything better!
Bebek Goreng with Sambal Pencit (Mango Chili)
IDR 26,5k
The portion came with selections of white or red rice, one AMAZING duck topped with serundeng, lalapan (fresh raw veges), green curry sauce (normally sat on top of the rice but you can separate it) and served with homemade chili and sambal Pencit (mango chili). When I say amazing, I mean perfectly fried and seasoned duck with beautiful tender meat, STINK FREE (super essential when it comes to ducks) and very flavorful, the chili however was very spicy but very tasty and good, I don’t have any problem with spicy food (except sweating like mad). I think they marinated the duck on good hours in result to that. My standard was totally exceeded.

PS: there are two pictures here, the other one without the rice and the sauce.

Fried duck with crispy crumbs, lalapan, homemade chili and sambal pencit (mango chili)

Fried Chicken with Red Rice, Green Curry Sauce, Lalapan and Serundeng (IDR 24,5k)
Same with the bebek goreng (fried duck) only this is the chicken version. The chicken was also cooked and seasoned just as nice, but since I am a duck person I am rooting for that more, that was just special!

Don’t mistaken the Green Curry Sauce with the “Green Chili” even though they looked like one. HONESTLY THAT GREEN CURRY SAUCE’S AMAZING!!! It gave that touch of uniqueness and extra dayumness factor to the dish. My personal best tip would be mixing the rice with the green curry and crumbs, serundeng and have it altogether with the perfectly cooked duck! The green curry enchanced the excitement, the flavor and complement very well with everything on the plate. You can even ask more of their sauce, crumbs and serundeng!!! IDR 5k will be charged to you when you refill the chili.
Bebek Goreng Remuk
IDR 26,5k
I would recommend this if you prefer the crunchier type of duck, well actually it’s not the matter of preferring, it’s the matter of experiencing. The duck was smashed and then deep fried until it’s dry and uber crunchy! They paired with with their spicy homemade chili sauce and if you enjoy one, this was a great duet to my palate!
OMG I had just an amazing lunch: food's great, pricing's still affordable! I’ve been raving like crazy on this post because yup it’s that good. When it comes to raving and declaring your love for food, you don’t need to act classy! The crazier you are the more convincing your reviews are and ME NO SHADE, please come and experience yourself! I really think no one should underrate this, a little more word of mouth publication, they'll do even better!

PS: writing this post is the pain in every organ, I am dying to have one right this second!!!

Thanks for reading, great day peeps!

Bebek Malio
Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam No. 117
Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12820
021 - 9217 0170/021 - 8378 9212
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Pricing: $, IDR 100k for two
Desscode: casual


Map for Bebek Malio